NHS, Surgery & Practice Services

24 Hour Practice Patient Routing – Pure Cloud Solutions provide both in hours and automated out of hours routing to OOH providers along with associated bespoke practice messaging.  Practices can manually send patient calls to any location at any time of day.

Encrypted Call Recording & Call Logs – Practice Managers can now resolve patient complaints effectively with instant access to both inbound & outbound call logs with associated call recordings.

Expenditure Control & Costs Analysis – Pure Cloud Solutions have been working with Property Services to help drive down costs of current services & also offering outsourced white labelled billing services allowing the relevant departments to focus on core business activities.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services – Pure Cloud Solutions provide alternative routing of calls for all practices in seconds to ensure communication is maintained with patients & staff in the event of emergency or other unforeseen circumstances.

Wireless Network Solutions – Practices can now offer a better staff & patient experience by deploying secure wireless access across any device.

Number Ranges – Practices can chose from any number range in the UK, Europe or Internationally.

Live Call Statistics Wallboard – Practice Managers can see how many calls are queuing at any one time and what receptionists are available to take patient calls. This information can also be accessed via an intuitive online portal to help aid in managing patient complaints.

Fax to Email & Email to Fax – Practices can save money and time by sending & receiving faxes straight from the PC rather than having to send manual faxes, these faxes can then be stored by the practice in any location as a PDF file.

Fixed Line Services – Practices can save money by taking advantage of bespoke “NHS Choices” call tariffs.

Hosted Voice Anywhere Services – Practices can stream line communications by utilising any device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, SIP handset, PC, laptop, mobile or PSTN line) across our global communications platform.

CRM Integration – Integrate voice into management systems for click to dial services via the computer screen and automatically route callers to the correct location.

Effective Triage Communication – Provide local cost effective easy to use conferencing facilities.