5 Benefits Of Using a Hosted Dialler In a Contact Centre

In today’s fast-paced world, managing and operating an efficient outbound contact centre is sometimes a little tricky. And with competition to make sales and win clients at its peak and the recent introduction of remote working in call centres, ensuring your agents time is utilised effectively is vital to improving both your bottom line and staying ahead of your competitors.

The good news is that using the right technology can support you to do this whilst ensuring your contact centre reaches its full potential.

A hosted dialler can play a pivotal role in the success of your outbound contact centre. An extension of your business telephone solution, a hosted dialler moves the dialling process to the cloud.

Using a clever algorithm, hosted diallers are proven to increase contact centre talk time and agent productivity and efficiency in comparison to traditional methods.


Hosted diallers improve the dialling process in a contact centre by automatically dialling lists of numbers and connecting callers to an available agent.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, it learns the unique calling patterns of a call centre.

It then uses this to predict agent availability by working out average call times and adjusting the rate at which numbers are dialled.

A hosted dialler also supports agents to make calls at optimised times by systematically discarding unanswered, busy, or disconnected calls, calls to fax, voicemail and automated services.

This means it will only connect agents to calls answered by real people, which avoids agents from spending valuable time on unsuccessful calls.

Here are 5 key benefits a hosted dialler can offer to make contact centres more successful than ever before …

benefits of using a hosted dialler in a contact centre

Hosted Diallers help to reduce costs & save you money
1. Reduced Costs

Traditional in-house diallers are expensive to implement, maintain and support, both at the initial set-up phase and throughout their lifespan. This requires an infrastructure that includes costly hardware, multiple landlines, and PBX setup.

A hosted dialler eliminates these expensive costs and the hassle in getting set-up by utilising your existing network via the cloud. 

You’ll only need to pay to access a system set-up and maintained already by an established provider.

They’re cheaper to implement at the start and, in most cases, you won’t need to pay for maintenance or upgrades.  This makes hosted diallers a cost-effective option for most contact centres.

And because it’s cloud-based, you get a fully scalable solution that allows you to add or remove users in relation to your needs. Changes can be made instantly, and issues can be investigated and dealt with remotely – so no need for expensive site visits.

2. Boosts Agent Efficiency

Hosted diallers eliminate repetitive tasks by reducing the amount of time used looking up phone numbers, dialling numbers and waiting for calls to connect. 

Whilst these tasks only seem to take a small amount of time, throughout the day, they can add up to hours of lost productivity.

With a hosted dialler though, numbers are accessed and dialled automatically. So your agents can focus on converting leads and delivering an excellent sales pitch!

In fact, a recent study claims that hosted diallers help businesses to increase their hourly efficiency from 40 minutes to 57 minutes!

Add that up over the day and your productivity could skyrocket!

Plus, hosted diallers allow agents to perform call blending. This means employees can switch effortlessly between inbound and outbound calls, depending on call volumes using an Automated Call Distribution System (ACD) for maximum efficiency. 

3. Customer sales Experience

No one likes an unexpected sales call when you’re plating up dinner or when you’re in the middle of a hectic school run. Calls made during these times are less likely to convert into tangible opportunities.

But because hosted diallers use algorithms, they support your agents to make calls at convenient times for clients or prospects rather than becoming a nuisance by trying to reach them at all hours of the day.

This feature can boost sales by avoiding inconvenient periods and driving customer loyalty because your sales pitch will offer a more personalised experience.

4. CRM Integration & Lead Management

Managing prospects, leads and customers is easy with a hosted dialler. Most modern diallers offer seamless CRM integration, so you can capture all customer details including call records, call recording and any notes your agents add automatically!

Details are sent directly to your selected CRM platform, allowing you to streamline your processes, cut out duplications, reduce admin times and better manage your leads.

So forget those confusing Excel spreadsheets! Use a hosted dialler to unlock the potential in your leads and make it easier for your agents to convert opportunities into customers.

5. Increase in Sales

One key frustration for sales teams is dealing with the wrong contact. Hosted diallers use an intelligent system to connect your agents to customers who are most likely to purchase the services you offer.

Features of a hosted dialler like call logging, call recording, automated processes and call-back rules will save agents valuable time, allowing them to focus on pursuing leads and closing sales.

In fact it’s estimated that using a hosted dialler as part of your sales process can lead to an increase in sales performance of over 150%!

A popular solution

Hosted diallers are a popular solution in contact centres because not only do they offer all the above benefits, but they also help to produce better margins, offer flexibility and significantly improve efficiency.

Every minute an agent spends on tasks other than speaking with a live caller affects your bottom line. So in using an automated system like a hosted dialler to reduce these additional, time consuming tasks, your agents can focus on what is most important – your prospective customers.

discover the benefits of hosted diallers today!

Hosted diallers allow companies with contact centres to engage quicker & more effectively with their clients & prospects while offering superior prospect engagement. Interested to see how one could work for you?  Call us on 0333 150 6780, email or fill out the contact form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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