7 tech tips to help you run your business on holiday

7 tech tips to help you run your business on holiday.

Some people think running a small business and going on holiday are incompatible. We beg to differ!

With small businesses and start-ups in particular, it’s not so easy to shut off from work completely. However, in this day and age, there’s plenty of technology that allows you to check in from anywhere.

And if you run any business, you need a holiday! Since it’s holiday season now, we thought it was the perfect time to show how you still can. Even if you can’t completely ignore the business, you can still get away.

Here at Pure Cloud, our speciality is cloud business solutions. This basically means that we offer business tools you can use from anywhere – including the beach!

Holiday tech tips

1.    Video conferencing

This became a staple of life under lockdown, as “you’re on mute!” became a national catchphrase. It’s still very useful now, for those moments when a phone call isn’t enough. If you’re on holiday, you can use this to drop in on team meetings, or catch up with important clients.

At Pure Cloud, we provide plenty of options for videoconferencing – and they’re more secure and feature-rich than a free Zoom account! We can also integrate apps like MS Teams and Zoom with your broader communications infrastructure, which allows all sorts of efficiencies like synching with your calendar. That’ll leave you more time for cocktails!    

2.    Instant messaging

Instant messaging has really come into its own as a workplace communication tool. It’s just perfect for short-form chats and remote collaboration. It’s also much easier to read through an old chat thread than an email chain.

All this makes it a great tool for keeping in touch from holiday, when you want to keep it quick! We offer a range of unified communications (UC) solutions that include secure, end-to-end encrypted instant messaging functions. And if you need to escalate it to a voice or video call, it’s one click away.       

3.    Presence feature

Call, email, instant message, video conference … however you choose to communicate, you really need to know whether your message is getting through. This is especially true if you’re thousands of miles away, soaking up the sun! A presence setting is the simple-but-effective answer. All this means is that you and your team’s profiles will show whether you’re free or out of the office. On Microsoft Teams, for instance, there are six preset presence settings.

It means you can quickly see whether someone’s available, which allows you to choose how you contact them without having to guess. And of course, you can set your own presence as needed on holiday. It’s just a more efficient way of communicating. We can provide a number of unified communication platforms with presence settings.

4.    Business mobiles

You can go a long way towards looking after your business from a smartphone alone. But we always recommend a business mobile package for work. Compared to using personal devices, it’s more secure, easier to manage, and often produces cost savings.

We offer highly competitive business mobile deals. For one thing, we’re carrier agnostic – which means we’re not tied to any one provider. Instead, we’ll consult you and offer whatever’s best. And yes, that can include international roaming!

5.    Mobile Device Management

If you’re trying to keep up with running your business on holiday, you may need to bring your business mobile. But what if it’s lost or stolen? Securing mobile devices is always a priority, even if you’re on holiday. This is where mobile device management (MDM) comes in.

Also known as enterprise mobility management (EMM), MDM is the central administration of all your devices. We offer this at Pure Cloud, and one huge benefit is security. If you lose your device, let us know and we’ll wipe it clean, ensuring your data is protected come what may.  

6.    Dongle

One thing you can’t be sure of on holiday is good Wi-Fi. Even if you have a reliable connection, are you 100% sure it’s safe? Public Wi-Fi doesn’t have the best reputation for security, and you can’t afford to risk the sensitive information you hold.

A 4G dongle will give you peace of mind. Bring one with you, and you’ve basically got a reliable internet connection in your pocket! It’s also possible to get these with international roaming, so make sure to check that first.  

7.    Cloud storage

We’ve saved this one for last, but we could just as well have put it first. Cloud storage is increasingly important in business. Quite simply, by storing documents in the cloud, you can then access them from anywhere – including Barbados!

We offer a range of highly secure cloud storage options, and can migrate your files seamlessly, without interrupting your work or causing downtime.


For those who run SMEs and start-ups especially, dropping everything isn’t always possible. But we hope we’ve shown that you can still get some time away with the right tech. With these tips, you can check in at work when needed, without missing the holiday you need!

We offer in-depth consultations on business comms and IT services. Does your business technology offer you the mobility you need? Get in touch to find out how we can help. You can reach us here at Pure Cloud on 0333 150 6780.



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