A Hosted Dialler Like No Other

The PCS hosted dialler solution is one of the best tools businesses can utilise in outbound call centres in today’s modern world.

It combines a sophisticated algorithm with unrivalled cloud technology to bring you a host of features that will support you to achieve call centre success regardless of your business size.

Designed to maximise sales, drive productivity, and increase your agent talk time, the PCS hosted dialler exceeds traditional, on-premise call centre methods, whilst increasing your bottom line.

Check out the key features & benefits below!

hosted dialler solution - call centre

key features – PCS hosted dialler


Our hosted dialler offers three highly configurable dialler modes including preview, progressive and predictive dialling.

These dialler options support with call campaign optimisation and increase agent productivity to get the best results for your business.



The dashboards and views are fully customisable allowing you to add brand colours and logos.

The modularised set-up allows your company to choose the functionality and features that work best for you, tailoring the hosted dialler to your wider business needs.



Handle outbound and inbound calls at the same time with our hosted dialler.

Utilise call queuing and variable dial ratios so you can adjust workloads at different times of the day and distribute calls between your inbound and outbound teams.


View detailed agent and call centre reports and analytics that log the number of calls, average call time, number of sales and log in/log out times, all of which can be viewed via a web browser or wall board in real time.

Choose from over 50 standard reports or create your own custom reports based on business metrics that are important to you.

Automation Enhancements

Utilise intelligent chat bots to handle outbound calls during busy periods and automatically handover to your team when unsure or requiring human intervention.

These clever bots have text to speech and speech to text recognition and can be used to assist in authentication, for omnichannel communication and for abuse or profanity monitoring.


Our hosted dialler can be fully integrated with a wide range of customer relationship management (CRM) systems as a way of automating workflows and processes.

Send automatic confirmation emails, click to dial from the CRM, gain access to customer details via ‘screen pop’ and automatically record CDR details to capture better customer insights.


Inbuilt Security

Ensure your customer’s details are protected to the best industry standards with our hosted dialler which has an inbuilt firewall, web and phone encryption features and security monitoring to the latest PCI-DSS guidelines.

Skills Based Routing

Route your calls to the right agents with intelligent call routing. Calls can be routed based on agent skills, campaigns, priorities, telephone numbers or geography, so no matter how you route, route right every time.


SMS Survey Templates

This allows you to easily create SMS campaigns via API plugins. You can set triggers to automatically send texts to customers & prospects for both outbound and inbound campaigns. Text responses are automatically stored for use later.

PCS Hosted Dialler Benefits

Ensures Compliance (GDPR & Ofcom)
When using a hosted dialler, it’s important to ensure that you are operating within compliance guidelines such as Ofcom and GDPRLuckily, our hosted dialler offers inbuilt compliance capacity with features such as call drop timers, variable call drop percentages, automatic safe harbour messages and GDPR data removal.

Increased Agent Efficiency & Productivity
Our hosted dialler automates the dialling process, using an algorithm to intelligently filter out voicemails, hang-ups, no answer and predicting agent availability. This means your agents can spend more time talking to prospects and clients and less time dialling or waiting, increasing your talk time by up to 300%!

Scalable & Flexible
Because the dialler is cloud-based, you can add and remove users when required, depending on your business needs. Changes are made instantly and can be managed via the intuitive dashboard.

Plus, allow your agents to work from anywhere provided they have a computer and an internet connection. This is particularly useful given the current rise in remote working and a shift towards a new normal.

Better Insights
Using the in-depth analytics and reporting features, gain better insights into how your agents and your call centre is performing so that you can make informed decisions on changes or improvements. And because there is in-built call recording, understand how agents interact with prospects, what processes drive the best results and for training or upskilling.

Improve Conversions
Segment, score, recycle and create dialling rules for outbound campaigns, helping your staff to take a lead from prospect to evaluation, nurture and then to conversion. With our hosted dialler you can create scripts, lists, automate progress across lists, add notes to a customer record and experiment with call scheduling to continually improve conversion rates and exceed targets.


Cloud services are becoming an integral part of many companies’ business and technology strategies and can be crucial for call centres. This notion has become even more prevalent in recent months during the Covid-19 outbreak, as more companies were forced to utilise the cloud in order to continue to operate business as usual. 

It appears it’s no longer the case of IF you move to the cloud, but WHEN. And when it comes to an on-premise dialler or a hosted dialler, it’s a no brainer …

Service costs
Compared to a premise-based system which can be expensive to install and maintain, hosted diallers are a much more cost-effective option.

The ROI is virtually instant, with increased productivity outweighing the cost of the small monthly fee.

Server Costs
Our hosted dialler uses a broadband internet connection for outbound communications. This means there is no server hardware required to host the dialler locally.

Save money on maintenance, electricity and costs required to purchase a server in the first place.

Resilient, Cost-Effective Power Supplies
Power supplies in our data centre have diverse routing with automated generator backup, ensuring high resilience.

Energy consumption costs are managed through best practice and increased buying power for smart energy purchases.

Low Cost Lines
Available bandwidth is the only restriction for a hosted contact centre. Bandwidth reach of 100Mbps is equal to up to 3000 lines, which is cheaper than traditional line rental. 

No Upgrade Or Maintenance Cost
As this is provided as a managed service, upgrades and maintenance are included in the cost. We are responsible for the server’s availability and will maintain it regularly.  

PCS hosted dialler - A future proof solution

The cloud-based capability of our hosted dialler is designed to help you stay flexible, respond to changing demands, and deliver better results – now and in the future. To find out more, speak to a member of our friendly team by calling us on 0333 150 6780, email or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch!

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