Cyber Threats To Avoid In 2021

The increase in cyber crime has dramatically risen in the last few months as a result of the ongoing pandemic. It’s encouraged hackers to take advantage of businesses that had to adapt to new solutions in order to manage during the current climate. Organisations had to adjust very quickly in such a short space of time, which meant many companies were vulnerable, and most businesses had to try and stay afloat to survive!

As many employees worked from home as a long-term strategy, cybercriminals used this period of uncertainty as an opportunity to exploit businesses. Organisations didn’t have chance to prepare for this significant change, therefore hackers knew that businesses had to bypass some security measures in order to proceed with business operations.
This has meant that data breaches have increased significantly as a result, meaning businesses have been faced with major disruption, costing some organisations billions!

With the uncertainty of what 2021 will bring, one thing we can prepare for and be alert to is potential cyber threats for the new year! Common malware threats will always remain persistent, but perpetrators are always looking for alternate ways to trick users and are becoming more sophisticated with their techniques!

Find out what cyber threats to avoid in 2021, so that your business doesn’t suffer the consequences!


Artificial Intelligence is a machine which is made up of computer science and is programmed to perform tasks that humans would typically manage. The purpose of AI is for the operating system to function independently with minimal intervention from humans and is promised to deliver high levels of automation. In conjunction with Machine Learning, the two advancements within technology allow us to identify patterns using algorithms by analysing big volumes of data, allowing organisations to distinguish information at quicker and more efficient speeds.

With this huge development and innovation from the technology industry, it is known that the operating system could raise concerns which could come to light in the new year.

Cybercriminals can utilise AI to strengthen attacks on businesses. Perpetrators can monitor the success rates from their attacks and use this data to train the system into generating a more powerful cyber attack that could be devastating to organisations. By identifying vulnerabilities in each individual business defence mechanism, hackers will be able to generate more complex attacks as they can structure a more sophisticated plan from the data that’s been gathered.

Applying the correct security software to help protect your business is a crucial element in preventing disruption to your organisation. It’s important to check that your devices are regularly updated as this helps your machine identify any security patches that may need configuring! It can be one of the most valuable steps in protecting your data – so never ignore your notifications!


Security isn’t just made up of software within a business. One major component of protecting your infrastructure which acts as the last line of defence, is the human element! Businesses don’t do enough to enforce these guidelines OR provide the correct training in order to see substantial improvements. Companies need to rely on their employees to identify and manage suspicious activity, which would then dramatically reduce the amount of successful phishing attacks that circulate people’s inboxes.

As cybercriminals are becoming more advanced in their approaches, the rise in cyber attacks are set to sail within the new year. Hackers know the vulnerability of businesses during this tough time and will therefore use their techniques to manipulate organisations, so they fall at the first hurdle! With this in mind, building a human firewall is an important strategy to implement within your business and relies on the ability to educate employees so they can assist in protecting the network.

One way businesses can promote security awareness is through the support of Cybsafe. CybSafe is an industry-leading software platform that helps organisations to pro-actively identify, manage, and tackle their human cyber security risk. It combines intelligent machine learning, data analytics, psychology, and behavioural science to train staff in a way that creates real behavioural change. No tick boxes and long-drawn-out training sessions that become a chore to complete. We’re talking interactive content in short, structured modules that are more likely to influence behaviours and attitudes of staff.

As cybercriminals tactics become more advanced… so must our knowledge in deflecting these attacks! Ensure your business is securely set up in preparation for the new year! Click here for more information on the best tips for creating a human firewall!


If a cybercriminal launches an attack on your business and it becomes successful, not only can they lock your files so you can’t gain access, but more recently hackers have been proven to steal data and sell it for their own financial gain. If you’re not hot on security, then your business faces huge risks of becoming a target. Never assume it won’t be you!

If you haven’t got a high level of security within your organisation then your business could experience a cyber breach which could disable your devices, wipe the contents of your machine, release harmful malware onto your systems and worst off, your data could be sold and exposed. This could be particularly dangerous if the data released contains personally identifiable information, such as names, home & email addresses, phone numbers and banking credentials.

One business strategy to adopt going forward would be to implement a structure which all employees adhere to, so that everyone follows the same procedures which prevents complications. One valuable step to take would be to firstly map your data, so that you can clearly identify and visually see what data you currently contain as a business. Once you have successfully located all your files, it’s important to agree on a policy with your colleagues which documents how you process, save, and transmit information that is coming in & out of your organisation. Once this has been approved, it’s important to raise awareness on the significance of cyber security and the protection of company data to all staff members so that cyber-attacks can be prevented.


Making sure you have implemented a high level of security to cover your business infrastructure is incredibly important, especially with the uncertainty of 2021. Managing current cyber threats is already challenging enough for employees, as well as tackling each working day, but combating potentially new threats with no real awareness or understanding can seem very daunting to some business owners! It’s sensible to not just rely on one solution for your security. With different cyber threats taking stage, it’s crucial to employ solutions which cover you for a variety of different events.


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