Darren Lake Appointed STW Board Trustee!

We are pleased to announce that after a few months of deliberation, our strategic partner Steps To Work (STW) have appointed Pure Cloud Solutions CEO, Darren Lake as a STW Board Trustee to enhance their technology strategy going forward!

Bhanu Dhir, CEO at STW, said, “During 2019, it become apparent that we had no expertise in technology within our STW Board Trustees.”

“This was perceived as a significant risk to the organisation considering the changes in technological sophistication that are expected over the next five years. This includes the roll out of 5G infrastructure networks and the impact of user experience on real time data analysis.”

“In order to remain competitive within our industry sector, it was deemed imperative that we appoint a STW Board Trustee capable of helping us to capitalise upon the opportunities afforded by technology.”

When asked how they came to the decision to select Darren, Bhanu said, “We considered several options before selecting Darren. But it was his knowledge of our strategic needs that made him the perfect Trustee.”

He went on, “In addition, given that PCS have been our trusted IT provider for more than 20 years, it seemed like a natural fit. Darren is already adding value to by chairing our technology sub-committee and leading the creation of our technological strategy to help meet the needs of our business.”

It’s hoped Darren’s appointment will help STW adopt a future-proof IT strategy and help appoint a technical team capable of implementing and managing the strategy going forward. Moreover, Darren hopes he will play a key role in helping STW achieve their wider business strategy in becoming disruptors in their sector.

Darren Lake, CEO of Pure Cloud Solutions said, “I am very humbled and proud to have been asked to join the board of STW as a trustee! STW do fantastic work in getting individuals from all walks of life back into sustainable employment and from a personal perspective, helping people has, and always will be, something I am passionate about.”

“This role will enable me to give back to the local community and help STW move forward as a business, not just technically, but generally as a business.

I look forward to working with Bhanu, Mike & the other board members in helping STW achieve their goals and aspirations, now and in the future.”

CEO & Co-Owner, Pure Cloud Solutions

We are delighted that Darren can play some small part in supporting Steps to Work with their technical ambitions. This shift towards preparing for the future and harnessing technology as part of that is yet another reminder of how similar and like-minded we are as businesses, and we look forward to seeing what STW achieve in the long-run!


Steps To Work (STW) is a non-profit organisation that specialises in the delivery of employer and community value.

They provide holistic support to those who are positioned furthest away from the world of work, empowering individuals who often face the largest barriers to employment to source opportunities in businesses across the West Midlands.

Throughout the last 20 years, they have enabled more than 35,000 people to secure work and access training across a range of sectors.

Visit their website here.

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