Key Industries That Benefit From FMC Solutions…

FMC or Fixed Mobile Convergence is a new technology that allows us to deliver ‘mobile first’ solutions to our clients and partners. So if you are a business that has employees constantly in and out the office our FMC solution allows you to make full use of all features required on your office phone on your mobile! Here is Commercial Director Jamie Lake with some of the key industries that benefit the most from FMC solutions…

You may be asking what is a mobile first solution? So first I will explain that and then move on to some of the features and finally identify a few industries/verticals where FMC is an ideal fit.

So, what is a mobile first solution? Quite simply a mobile first solution is a telephony solution that removes the need of having both a fixed phone and a mobile phone by combining the two. Quite often businesses are paying for an office telephony contract as well as a mobile contract for their mobile users. With FMC, having two separate contracts is a thing of the past, as we can deliver everything to the mobile, hence the ‘mobile first’ strap line.

By using this new technology we are able to deliver all of the features users have become accustomed to on a traditional phone system. Things like call hold and transfer, call recording, unified voicemail, CLI presentation, instant messaging and video conferencing as well as any DDI, extension or of course mobile numbers. All things an office user has is delivered to a mobile device meaning that no matter where you are on the planet, you will have the same experience as if you’re in the office. And you should never miss a call again.

Who will benefit from FMC?

As I said earlier, any business that is looking to simplify their telephony estate by merging fixed and mobile phones into one solution will benefit from FMC. I would also say that anyone looking to reduce spend on telephony should consider FMC as generally the cost is less than purchasing both a mobile contract and a fixed license for a hosted/VoIP user.

What industries would suit FMC?

I wouldn’t say there are any verticals that benefit more than another from FMC as it delivers the same experience to any client that has a mobile need. However, I would say some of the features may suit different verticals more than others. For example the financial industry is required by the FCA to record all conversations and with FMC this is easily achievable without the need for any third party hardware or software, as we capture the recordings at SIM level.

Another example could be the service industry with on-call engineers. Because the mobile devices can be added to hunt groups and subject to time of day routing, as any fixed phone system can, service calls can be distributed easily and efficiently between engineers that are on-call, meaning clients have a much better experience when reporting out of hours faults.

In my opinion, mobile telephony has already surpassed fixed telephony and it won’t be long before more and more businesses are adopting a mobile first approach. My advice is to stay ahead of the game and do some research when you’re next looking to upgrade your telephony estate because FMC might be for you!

Jamie Lake

Commercial Director, Pure Cloud Solutions

Want to know how FMC can benefit you?

FMC is the convergence of wired and wireless technologies into a simple solution. If you think your business can benefit from this get in touch and we can show you why so many of our clients are benefiting from it…



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