Lane & Co Testimonial

Lane & Co Solicitors are the UK’s longest established specialist firm of commercial debt recovery solicitors. They were our first customer back In 1990 and still are a customer to this day. Director of Lane & Co, John Pitt has been friends with Pure Cloud’s Director and Co – Owner Martin Lake for several years. Their friendship goes beyond customer and provider. We caught up with John Pitt for a quick Q&A to get his thoughts on why he’s stayed a customer of PCS for so long…

We are proud to have retained you as a valuable customer for 30 years, Why have you chosen to stay with us for such a long time?

JOHN: Lane & Co have been using Pure Cloud and associated companies for 30 years. The main reason for continuing to use the company is quite simply because of the reliability of the service, if we have a problem its dealt with swiftly.

How have you found your experience with Pure Cloud Solutions as a provider?

JOHN: We’ve always experienced a very good service. Not only professional but its personable, very efficient and cost effective.

What sticks out as the most valuable thing you’ve received since working with Pure Cloud Solutions?

JOHN: I’ve known Martin Lake one of the Directors of the company for 30 years, in which time we’ve worked very well together. He’s always been a very pleasant person to deal with and always made sure that his company provides an excellent service.

I would like to congratulate Pure Cloud on their 30th anniversary and wish them all the best for the future.

Martin Lake Director & Co – Owner of Pure Cloud began his relationship with Lane & Co back when he was an engineer nearly 30 years ago. We asked Martin to share his thoughts on having reached the 30th milestone supporting Lane & Co.

“It’s a very proud moment to reach 30 years in business and especially satisfying that we are still supporting Lane & Co, our very first customer and support contract.

In fact, I still remember installing the telephone system, an SDX 40 (for those of you old enough to know what one of those is) in Lane & Co’s Lichfield Street offices in Walsall. At the time the SDX was considered a leading edge product and keeping ourselves at the forefront of technology is still something we strive for today.

In addition to innovative products, the service and support we offer our customers has never wavered and even to this day we try our very best to instil this into our staff. It is one of our core values and remains as relevant today as it did 30 years ago.

These values, I believe are why our customers have stayed with PCS for many many years …

Long may it continue!”

“The service and support we offer our customers has never wavered and even to this day we try our very best to install this into our staff. It is one of our core values and remains as relevant today as it did 30 years ago” – Martin Lake, Director & Co – Owner.

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