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For recruitment agencies, partnership and trust really matter. Our attitude to our customers is exactly the same.

At Pure Cloud, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of managed services for recruitment agencies, including telecoms, cybersecurity, IT services, internet connectivity and more. We can work with your IT department, or we can be your IT department.

We analyse your business, and tailor our approach – so we’re always working in your interests.

Customer testimonial

“Lane & Co have been using Pure Cloud for 30 years. The main reason for continuing to use the company is quite simply because of the reliability of the service. We’ve always experienced a very good service. Not only professional but it’s personable, very efficient and cost effective.”

John Pitt LL.dip, Solicitor and Director, Lane & Co Solicitors.

Why managed services benefit recruitment agencies

Organising an recruitment office is a complex task. There’s the office itself, and all the people based there. You may have people working from home. And the work is often mobile, with client visits and all your outside appointments.

What ties all this together is technology. Your communication system, phones, IT setup and network bind your whole team. And to all this complexity, we bring simplicity.

As a managed service provider, Pure Cloud can handle all your business technology needs, in one bill. We don’t just pile up services you don’t need. We audit your tech infrastructure, and make short and long-term recommendations. We make technology work for you – so you can work for your clients.

Cybersecurity for recruitment agencies

Client data is sacred and must be protected. The threat of cybercrime never goes away, and the costs are especially severe in the recruitment sector. From your network to devices and inboxes, we can ensure you’re protected across the board.

We will start with a comprehensive risk assessment. This is about finding any vulnerabilities. Then we’ll make recommendations for the short and long term – to give you and your clients peace of mind.

Find out more about our cybersecurity solutions here.

IT services for recruitment agencies

Like other modern workplaces, recruitment offices often have complex IT requirements. This is especially true if you have more than one site, or you operate a hybrid workplace. There’s your network, desktop apps, devices …

We will make sure it’s all up to date, working efficiently and secure. We will identify gaps and inefficiencies, and offer solutions. From outsourced IT support to virtual desktops, we will ensure that your IT infrastructure benefits you.

Find out more about our IT services here.

Phone systems for recruitment agencies

Your phone system is a critical part of your recruitment process. It’s the first point of contact for your clients and candidates, but it also ties your whole organisation together. Voice calls alone are not enough. Reliable videoconferencing is a must these day, while instant messaging is an important collaboration tool.

We can offer all these on a single platform, either hosted in the cloud or on your site – with a mobile app as well. This means a comprehensive, unified communications platform to maximise efficiency in all workplace communication. We will also provide encrypted call recording.

Find out more about our telecom services here.

Why Pure Cloud?

You put your clients first, and diligently pursue their interests. We do the same for you. Not only are we technology experts who know how to deliver. We are driven by our core values to do what’s best for all our customers.

We have helped recruitment agencies of all sizes in their mission to be more efficient, more future-proof and more secure. If you want to achieve that in partnership with us, please get in touch.

Why Pure Cloud?

  • All your technology needs with one provider.
  • We pursue partnerships, not transactions.
  • We analyse your needs and we tailor to you.
  • We are experts who take time to understand your business.
  • We care, we tailor, we simplify.

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Our Core Values

  • Passion: we go the extra mile.
  • Accountability: we take ownership of our responsibilities.
  • Tenacity: we are determined to help.
  • Pride: we do the best we can.
  • Adaptability: as your needs change, so do we.
  • Integrity: we are determined to do what’s right.

Need more information on what Pure Cloud Solutions can offer?

Our managed services have brought peace of mind and efficiency to many recruitment agencies. Talk to our Pure Cloud experts to book an appointment today!

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