PCS Partnership Extension With BCFC

PCS are delighted to share our partnership extension as BCFC’s Official Communications Partner for a second year!
This highlights our mutual commitment to one another and builds upon our long-standing 28-year relationship with the club.

After several successful years as BCFC’s technology provider, the partnership extension, shows our desire to support the club and help them achieve their wider business goals.

BCFC Chief Commercial Officer Ian Dutton said, “We are delighted that Pure Cloud Solutions have completed a partnership extension deal for the 2021/2022 Season, especially during these very difficult and uncertain times.”

Darren Lake, PCS Group CEO added, “Being strategically aligned to our clients is extremely important to us.”

We have been looking after BCFC for 28 years now and will always continue to support them by growing this great partnership for many years to come.”



During 2019, PCS supported the club to make some substantial behind the scene changes completing a technology infrastructure project which gave BCFC’s WIFI, a much-needed upgrade.

Ian Dutton, Chief Commercial Officer at BCFC said, “We’ve always enjoyed a strategic relationship with PCS where they have supported the club in enhancing our 360-degree communications platform club wide. From telecoms, stadium Wi-Fi, IT support and more recently with the club’s mobile phone operation.”

This enabled the club to benefit from additional commercial opportunities by giving them access to more intelligent data whilst delivering a significant improvement in their internal efficiency and level of service.

“Although last season was somewhat disrupted by Covid-19, the partnership between BCFC and PCS worked really well. We managed to work around fans not being allowed in the stadium and through some creative thinking, made it work for both parties.” said PCS Group COO and co-owner Martin Lake.

He added, “We have lots of new ideas on things we can do to continue the great traction we already have with both patrons and partners, so it should be another successful season!”


It’s hoped the BCFC partnership extension will allow us to complete more projects that will help to streamline BCFC’s technology stack whilst continuing to support them with driving the club forward.

Jamie Lake, new PCS Managing Director commented, “We’ve made recommendations for BCFC since last season to aid their move to the cloud so they can realise the benefits this technology will bring them.”

We’re already migrating BCFC’s existing telephony to our custom-built, hosted telephony platform UCA.

This will be a big boost to BCFC’s current communications solution offering them video conferencing, live presence states, mobile call recording and much more through one single application.


After a difficult couple of months for businesses across the UK, PCS are keen to use this partnership extension to offer value to BCFC’s wider network by providing advice, support, and exclusive offers.

James Corrigan, Commercial Sales Manager at BCFC said, “It’s a pleasure to work with a company who are always on the front foot.”

“They provide us with better ideas and solutions, but importantly look to do the same for our clients to enhance their digital and communications platforms too.”

We are very much of the opinion that we are always stronger together and want to assure both BCFC and the local community that PCS are here to help in any way that we can, not just now, but in the future too.


The partnership extension is set to build on the already strong ties between BCFC and PCS, which has seen the two businesses flourish through mutual success and support for 28 years.

“I personally look forward to working with the team at BCFC as they completely get how we operate as a business and the value we add, I just hope we can get back to watching the games at the stadium and once again experience their fantastic hospitality,” said Darren Lake.

Martin added, “We have committed to the club in what are extremely trying times, not only for our business but for the entire country. Despite this both Darren, Jamie and I wanted to show our on-going loyalty to this fantastic club. Here’s to another great year – KRO!”

We are excited to see how the partnership develops as proud Official Communications partner for another season, helping BCFC to rejuvenate their communications while allowing them to benefit from the power of the cloud.


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