SaaS Protection For Office 365

With many businesses currently reducing their employee count, be it temporarily or permanently, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be extremely useful to use our Software as a Service (SaaS) Protection from Datto.

SaaS Protection allows you to ‘archive’ Office 365 users while ensuring your Office 365 data is backed up and readily accessible. When you’re operational again, you can simply recover the ‘archived’ Office 365 user.

The best bit about this solution, especially if you’re facing financial hardship at this time, is that rather than paying for the Office 365 licence itself, you just pay for the SaaS Protection licence active – but at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, SaaS protection offers you and your business a whole host of other benefits that we know you’ll love.

Limit user error

One in three users have experienced data loss in the cloud. The most common cause is users simply deleting files or emails by accident.

Our SaaS Protection completes 3x daily back ups of your most important applications so you can recover lost files or data should this happen.

ENsure COmpliance

Companies and businesses with strict regulations must ensure that data is encrypted and protected in transit and at rest.

SaaS Protection’s SOC 2 Type II compliance ensures that rigorous standards for data security are always met.

Recover from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are on the rise and businesses are at risk without an independent back up on Office 365 – which isn’t provided by Microsoft.

Work confidently knowing cyber attacks like ransomware can be “undone” when a prior back up from before the attack is restored.

User Management

Easily move data from one user to another if  employees leave or store that data without having to pay the user’s monthly license fee.

Data in SaaS Protection can be restored in its original state, back into the app when needed. Save money and time while securing your data.

Block email threats

Add proactive protection against SPAM, phishing attacks and other forms of malware with AI-based email security for Office 365.

By adding this direct integration with Office 365 you be protected within 5 minutes with no disruption to your email flows.

Why SaaS Protection?

Datto SaaS Protection ensures that businesses can access, control, and most importantly protect the data that employees entrust to the cloud. SaaS Protection for Office 365 is the leading cloud-to-cloud backup product offering an all in-one backup, restore and export solution that covers Exchange Online, OneDrive SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams.

While Office 365 does include primitive restore capabilities for lost data, it doesn’t actually protect you against accidental deletion via human error, loss of data because of app outages or recovery from cyber attacks.

Where the Microsoft technology falters, human input and third-party solutions are needed to achieve maximum data security. With Datto Saas Protection you know that Office 365 data is backed up by the most reliable solution on the market today. This means risk is reduced and you can spend more time and budget on strategic initiatives.

Best bits of SAAS

Point-in-Time Backups
Backups include daily snapshots of each user’s data, allowing you to browse through a user’s account at a specific point in time. Avoid data loss from ransomware by restoring entire accounts to a designated point in time before an attack occurred.

3x per Day Backup
Rest easy with SaaS Protection’s automatic daily backups for Office 365’s Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

On-Demand Backup
Perform additional backups as needed at any time. Running an on-demand backup will not affect the three regularly scheduled backups.

Infinite Retention
Store an unlimited amount of data for no additional fees.

Save money & protect your data

Not only will it save you money but you’ll also still be able to retain the critical data that resides within your Office 365, Onedrive, Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams. It takes minutes to deploy & backup, there’s no upfront payment and no commitment term … so even if it just helps you out for a few months – it’s worth considering.

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