Need to control, monitor and track users when on your premises?
Want a secure access system fitted to your entrance points?

We can supply, install and maintain all aspects of access control systems for your business. From a simple digital keypad to a computer-controlled multi-door system.

Making Entry Exclusive

Our access options, include:

  • Restrict access with the very latest biometric fingerprint readers, where your users can be granted entry at the swipe of a finger.
  • Keep your space secure with a proximity/card reader, request to exit button, emergency break glass and locking device fitted to your door. To ensure your safety in the event of a fire, a locked door can be interfaced with the fire alarm system in order to release the lock.
  • Keep the entrance to your premises secure with a control system that utilises automatic number plate recognition.

Our access control systems also produce timesheets based on the clocking in and out of your users.

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