Looking for ways to save money on office supplies?
Want to be more environmentally friendly?

Our fax2email and email2fax is a simple application that will make your dusty, old fax machine a thing of the past.

By converting received fax documents to PDF format and delivering them straight to your inbox, this application will save you time and money. No line rental costs. No paper costs. No toner costs.

Quick, Convenient and Confidential

You’ll be provided with a unique number to which your faxes can be sent. And electronic copies of all your faxes will be delivered directly to your email inbox, to easily manage, sort and archive. So you only need to print the documents you want to.

As all calls are managed from within our network, you won’t need any additional hardware or software.

Fax2email is an easy and confidential way of sending, receiving, filing and distributing fax documents.


  • A unique fax number
  • Calls managed from within our network


  • Save money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save time
  • Easy to manage

Pure Cloud Solutions can help make your office more efficient and more cost-effective.
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