Like to be free from your office desk? Sick of the same old workplace?

Give yourself the freedom to work from the park during the summertime or from a cosy corner of your favourite coffee shop, with Hosted Voice Services.

Hosted Voice Services offer you a flexible, feature rich way to connect, allowing you to do business more efficiently, with both customers and co-workers.

Unleash Your Company's Creativity

By combining mobility, voice, video and data into a single, easy to use service, you’ll drastically improve communication and productivity across your company. Work face-to-face with colleagues from different locations and make the meeting room a thing of the past.

Our easy to use, cost-effective communications solution means you can take your workplace with you — wherever you go.


  • Mobility, voice, video and data in a single service
  • A feature rich way to connect with customers and colleagues


  • Greater freedom and flexibility
  • Improved efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective

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