Are you looking for one complete communication solution for your business?

Hosted Voice AnyWhere by Pure Cloud Solutions allows you to have a cloud hosed communication solution which enables to effectively manage and adapt the solutions virtually, from anywhere, without the hassle of storing and paying for hardware.

Why choose a hosted solution?

A hosted IP telephony solution essentially offers the same features and benefits of a normal IP Telephony solution, however, with Hosted Voice Anywhere, their are many more benefits, features and flexibility in comparison.

Hosted Solution Benefits:

The Hosted Voice AnyWhere platform goes above and beyond the SIP phone system due to the evolving benefits and features it has to offer. As well as the traditional features such as Call Recording, Auto-attendant and IVR, Hosted Voice AnyWhere can provide you with real time presence updates of user status and location, Instant Messaging and Fixed to Mobile Convergence (FMC) over the EE network. These features allow for you to have one complete solution.

The cost of buying infrastructure upfront and on-going storing charges which can become expensive over a large period of time. With Hosted Voice AnyWhere, it is cloud-based and accessed via a web-based portal so there is less equipment to buy and no ongoing PBX maintenance costs for you to worry about. Another advantage is full integration with any existing fixed and mobile infrastructure you may already have within the business. Since there is far less equipment to buy at the outset, there is very little risk of your investment becoming redundant in the future as technology changes.

The Voice AnyWhere portal has the flexibility to be adapted to business needs, whether you need the number of calls to vary to different lines or multiple line items, Hosted Voice makes it possible without different software upgrades. This is one of the biggest advantages compared with a traditional phone system making your solution work for you and your business.

Pure Cloud Solutions manage the whole Hosted Voice Solution for you, allowing you to have one support and supplier contact. PCS provide full support and training on the solution and well as offer on-site assistance when you need us. The 360 degree, hands on approach from Pure Cloud Solutions gives you peace of mind of mind that you have specialist communication solutions experts on hand.

Hosted Solution Benefits:

Do you have a plan in place to avoid potential risks? Pure cloud Solutions can provide you with Disaster Recovery plans and cover, should anything happen to your systems, in the event of:

  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Vandalism/ Theft
  • Virus attacks
  • Loss of power
  • Sabotage

PCS will integrate your system onto onto the telephony solution and provide timely back-ups to make sure you can access at all times.

Hosted Voice AnyWhere Features:

As Standard:

  • Direct access from outside
  • Language selection
  • Password management
  • User authentication
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Listen/Delete message
  • Message notification by email to email or extension
  • Call back sender
  • Group mailbox
  • Audio name recording
  • Personal greeting recording
  • Date & time stamp
  • Configuration
  • Customization
  • Extension/Virtual number dialing
  • Call Return/Park/Pick Up
  • Call Hold/Retrieve/Alternate/Redirect
  • Blind/Announced transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Call screening
  • CLID blocking
  • Selective call accept list
  • Call queuing
  • N-way conferencing
  • Presence management
  • Multi-terminal
  • Ring groups (Hunt/Cyclic)
  • Call queuing
  • PSTN number assignment
  • Distinctive ringing

Advanced Features with PCS:

  • Simultaneous calls
  • Language selection
  • Dial by name/by extension/company directory
  • Transfer to one extension, group or voicemail
  • Boss/secretary filtering
  • Touch Screen
  • VIP Supervision
  • Conference schedule
  • Skill tags
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Call Pick Up
  • Barge In/Intrude/Steal
  • CRM, LDAP and Outlook integration
  • Live call recording (triggered in phone)
  • Ad-hoc recording
  • Systematic recording
  • SMS recording
  • Multiple codecs support (G711, G726, G723, G729, iLBC, GSM and Speex)
  • Specialized Mixing server re-assembles raw streams
  • Dedicated servers are used for storage purpose (NFS)
  • Agent login/logout/auto login
  • Overflow
  • Pause definition
  • ACD scenario (i.e. priority definition)
  • Barge in
  • Monitoring in for Supervisor
  • Call queuing
  • Statistics
  • Reporting
  • Selective ringing
  • Wrap Up
  • Calendar
  • ETA notification
  • CRM integration
  • N-way conferencing with participants monitoring
  • Conference Bridge (reservation less, invitations, dtmf-less join)
  • Scheduled conference with master and participants
  • Blast
  • Fax to Email
  • Email to Fax
  • Support .pdf, .tiff, .png, .gif, .jpeg or plain text attachments

Mobilize your communications with Fixed-Mobile Convergence...

The way we work is changing, and the number of professionals using mobiles for business is only increasing, and with this change, the integration and functionality to enable us to work effectively needs to be improved.

Enable fixed mobile operators to deliver enterprise focused value-added services to enterprise mobile users over any network, on any device.

Features of Fixed to Mobile Convergence:

  • Mobile VoIP
  • Unique Number
  • Mobile Twinning
  • Unique Voicemail
  • Voice Call Continuity

To download our product datasheet please click on the link below.