Whether your company is looking for a complete managed solution or a simple broadband connection for a homeworker, we have the right product for you.

We provide a wide range of data services to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes, including:

  • ADSL – (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) – PCS Connect 1
    With over 90% coverage throughout the UK, ADSL is a low cost entry level method of extending remote working functionality & application access to SOHO (Small Office Home Office) locations.
  • Annex M – ADSL 2+ – PCS Connect 1
    Broadband service offering enhanced upload & download speeds
  • FTTC  & EoFTTC – (Fibre to the Cab & Ethernet over Fibre to the Cab) – PCS Connect 1
    Services are delivered via fibre optic cable to the green street cabinets then this is converted into standard copper cable before being terminated on site. Enhanced speeds of upto 80Mbps can be obtained through this type of connection
  • EFM – (Ethernet First Mile) – PCS Connect 2
    These business grade services are delivered via multiple twisted copper pairs to deliver uncontended speeds from 5Mbps through to 20Mbps. Enhanced business SLA’s are also available with this service.
  • Leased Line & Ethernet – PCS Connect 3
    With bandwidths that vary from 10Mbps through to 1Gbps ethernet is now the preferred method of connectivity for delivering cloud based services to businesses globally. Business grade SLA’s are alos provided with this solution
  • MPLS – (Multi Protocol Label Switching) – PCS Connect 4
    Carry voice, video & data across the same network securely and give priority QoS – Quality of Service) where it is needed the most. Business grade SLA’s are also provided with this solution.

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