Bringing your business' security into focus.

IP CCTV is a straightforward, reliable cloud-based security system for your business.

Easy to set up, use and control, this versatile security solution allows you to stream locally or stream remotely — wherever you are, at any time.

Local and Remote Streaming

When local streaming, your video stays in the local network — saving your bandwidth. And when remote streaming, your video goes through the cloud so you can view your footage from any location.

Your Security in Good Hands

Should your network connection fail, your IP CCTV system will continue to record, providing you with a 20-day backup. And giving you complete peace of mind.


  • A straightforward security system for your business
  • Local and remote streaming
  • 20-day backup should your network connection fail


  • Reliable cloud-based protection
  • Easy to set up and use
  • View your footage from wherever you are

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