SMB’s Are Still Taking The Bait!

Organisations rely on digital technology as a necessity to operate as part of their daily routines and this means that data that is stored on your device is at greater risk of becoming stolen or corrupted. Cybercriminals are always trying to find new ways of intercepting your data by tricking the end user into thinking that the information being received is legitimate.

With a global increase in remote working, businesses have put security on a back burner, which has consequently resulted in a significant spike in cybercrime. The endless attempts to get organisations to accept the bait continues unless businesses try and implement measures to prevent this from occurring so frequently.

Hear from Professional Services Director, Steve Shields as he shares his insight on why this issue is still so prevalent and what SMB’s can do to prevent this!


The short answer is because it’s very easy! Automation and artificial intelligence allows the criminals to target more individuals with better craft with what can be seen to be genuine emails to entice the target to click that file or link. Not only are they holding your files to ransom they are also selling your data, making chances of a financial return more and more successful.

With big cyber breaches reaching the headlines, there’s continually a constant flow of cybercrime that doesn’t make public news, but despite this, it’s most definitely taking place and most people don’t realise just how prevalent it is!

If a larger firm was ever hit with a cyber-attack, they’d have the budget to manage and deal with the breach if one was ever successful, however, some SMB’s don’t have the resources or finances to cope with an invasion of that scale, which makes recovering from a cyber beach a lengthy process for some businesses.

 If organisations don’t implement a sufficient level of security to their business, as well as a strong, regimented protocol for staff to follow then it leaves companies vulnerable and exposed to malicious activity. Combine this with a minimal chance of prosecution and it’s a no brainer for cyber criminals to continue.


With an increase in remote working, cyber criminals rely on inadequate security measures to access company data. With the majority of all notifications and alerts coming through via email, hackers try and disguise themselves within the magnitude of messages, in the hope that employees just click without fully absorbing the basis of the email. This type of communication is crafted and timed to be more convincing! Remember, it’s only the click of a mouse key which can seem such a minor thing but can unravel a stream of problems for your company, with major repercussions!

Cybercriminals prey on people’s insecurities and willingness to comply which is an added strength in the criminal’s toolbox, which is extremely advantageous to them and others on the dark web, but a disaster for everyone else!

As we focus on protecting the environment and reducing paper use, this issue will only increase, as even now peoples bills, and bank statements rarely come through as a physical copy, as everything is accessible online!

It’s a constant battle and the more we adapt and evolve, the more the criminals do. A business has to defend against all attacks 100% of the time, whereas cyber criminals only have to be successful once!


There is no one size fits all unfortunately and there certainly isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to protection. Security has to be addressed in a multi layered strategy, by creating barriers and walls which will slow the process down and stop the chances of the malicious code coming through. The harder you make it for the criminals the more likely they are to move on to the next victim and avoid your business! One plan of action could be to add the “Cyber Threat” to your meeting agenda, so that your management & IT team can talk through strategies to ensure a high level of security is being implemented to protect your infrastructure. It’s important to revisit this and communicate about it regularly and ensure every member of staff is empowered with the knowledge and confidence to question what can seem to be a genuine request. The threat does not stand still, and it constantly evolves, so make sure all your protection is up-to-date and review it regularly!


Review your security procedures to ensure you have a sufficient level of security to protect your business from the ever-growing cyber threats that are currently circulating! Cyber criminals move swiftly, and you never know what you’re going to be hit with. Always approach your business strategy with, ‘what else could I implement to improve the safety and robustness of my organisation?’ Be prepared and stay alert!


Installing the correct security software & reinforcing the human firewall to employees is a crucial part in protecting your business against cybercrime! With the impact of Covid-19 it’s essential that no further disruption hits your business. For more guidance on how to construct the best protocol for your organisation, contact a member of PCS!

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