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When using multiple providers clients usually end up spending large amounts of time playing “piggy in the middle” and being passed from pillar to post when trying to resolve an issue. This can become not only very confusing and stressful, but can also negatively impact a business’ bottom line, especially if a critical service like telephony or email is completely down.

Streamlining your business services and having multiple solutions through one provider improves productivity and efficiency within the business as clients only have one company to deal with and one invoice to reconcile, allowing clients to focus on their core activities opposed to dealing with IT or communications issues.

Hear from IT Projects and Service Engineer George, as he shares his knowledge & expertise on why support is always better when businesses have most, if not all, of all their solutions with a Managed Service Provider.


When you have multiple services through one provider it means that you do not have to jump through numerous hoops to get something done. For example, if you wanted a section of your website changing but needed changes to your domain doing at the same time, if you had the website with one company and the domain with another, you must wait for both to complete their respective tasks before the task is complete.

If you have both website and domain with one provider, you are only waiting on one company to complete both tasks – reducing time and hassle.


In a lot of cases when you take multiple services from a single supplier you will tend to benefit from discounts. Usually, the more services that you take the bigger the discounts, meaning you have more money to spend elsewhere in the business.

This is obviously dependant on the supplier as not all of them do this, however, if you have different services from different providers you will more than likely get charged top price for everything, and receive little to no discount, meaning you spend a lot more on services.


If you require reporting on your services it is much easier to get the information you require when all your services fall all under one supplier, as they can give you detailed feedback on any element of your business infrastructure.

If you have services under multiple providers you will need to wait for each one to get back to you, and they may present their reporting in different formats, which can then be confusing to bring together into one report.


If you have multiple services that are provided by a single supplier then it is highly likely that at least some of those services will be integrated and accessible from a single point, this means you do not have to show new staff members multiple platforms or websites that will all have their own URL’s and passwords etc.


If you have multiple services through one provider, the response times you receive on jobs and/or enquiries will be much quicker than when dealing with multiple suppliers. This is because you will be subject to one set of SLAs for all services rather than the SLA’s provided by multiple suppliers – again reducing time and hassle.


Every business aims to minimise their costs, so why spend extra cash to pay for multiple providers when you can streamline your business services through ONE? Having one point of call for all of your services carries huge advantages that will save you time, money, and give you much less hassle, as one provider can offer consistency & reliability for all your business solutions. So why make it complicated?

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