The Pain of using Multiple Providers

Utilising multiple providers for services may work for some organisations – or at least they think it does – however, for most businesses it is confusing, time consuming and generally not easy to manage.

Streamlining your business services with one provider offers consistency, efficiency, and reliability and you have confidence that you can turn to the same team for advice and support when in need. Having one provider for your business creates a higher level of trust, knowing that you’re getting the same expertise and dedicated support for all of your products & services, as opposed to dealing with several different companies at one time.

Read more to discover the real pain points of using multiple providers and how we solve this so businesses can operate more efficiently…



Playing “Piggy in the Middle” when different suppliers blame each other i.e. phone supplier blaming internet provider and vice versa.


Having to reconcile multiple invoices from multiple providers.


Higher costs.


Disjointed systems & lack of understanding of your business goals and direction.


Disjointed support due to having multiple tickets with multiple providers.


Single suppliers often focus on leading with their product and can sometimes overlook the shortfalls. They have an agenda to promote their product.


Escalations. If you have an issue or a problem that needs escalating can you be sure all suppliers are on the same page. What’s the incentive for another supplier to respond faster if the technology is not one of their products?



By offering a full end to end solution that is managed by our in house support team PCS and our clients know that if there is an issue with any service we provide it is down to us to resolve it, removing the blame game from the equation completely.


By moving your services to an MSP like Pure Cloud Solutions you will receive one itemised bill that details all of your services. These can also be broken down into individual cost centres or sites as needed, making your life easier and significantly reducing the time taken to reconcile your invoices.


Having multiple services with an MSP generally means that you will benefit from cost savings. This is because MSP’s usually offer a discount for taking multiple services or, as they generally buy in bulk, they benefit from better pricing from their suppliers that is passed on to their clients.


Having multiple suppliers generally means that one supplier may not necessarily understand what the other suppliers are doing or what you are trying to achieve within your business. By moving to an MSP, they will generally work in partnership with your business to understand your short, medium- and long-term goals and provide solutions that will assist you to reach them. As they will also have a holistic view of your business MSP’s should offer solutions that work together and ultimately streamline processes and increase efficiency and productivity.


One helpdesk, one ticket one phone call.


As we are the only support team, having something that doesn’t perform at 100% affects us more. We will promote the product best for the customers business.


All products and services sit with the single supplier meaning that any issues follow the same escalation path and SLAs and are therefore escalated at the same time.


Having access to a reliable support team is critical to every business. Whether you utilise multiple providers or just one, it is important that you are receiving the support your business needs and can trust your supplier to be responsive in the event your business suffers disruption. The customer should always remain the key focus for any service provider, which is why it is critical to work with a partner that understands your business and can react quickly and purposefully in the event of an issue, so that it doesn’t impact your customers.

If you require friendly, proactive and reliable service or want to understand what technology options are available then speak to one of our experts at PCS and we will be able to offer advice on the best solutions to support you and your business not only now but into the future.


Streamline & save your business services today through PCS! If you want a reliable & dedicated support team for your organisation, then pick up the phone and contact us! We can manage your business services, as well as offer round the clock support!

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