UCA Version 10: A Sneak Preview

2020 marks the start of a new decade and a new version of our Unified Communications platform, Unified Communications Anywhere (UCA). UCA is a business-grade unified communications platform that brings together various collaboration tools including instant messaging, voice, video conferencing, mobile call recording and SMS into one platform.

Developed in partnership with Centile, we have built a fully resilient and redundant communications platform in UCA that can be utilised globally. UCA is known for its feature-rich offering and ability to deliver a seamless user experience across multiple devices and media types.

UCA Version 10, due to be released in February 2020, will house an even more enhanced feature-set than its predecessor and have the ability to integrate with Microsoft Office teams and CRM systems. While it’s still a month or so until the release date and we are still making final tweaks to the platform, we’ve managed to get you a sneak peek of the new look UCA Version 10 …

UCA Version 10 App Updates

New Look
The biggest change you will notice with UCA Version 10 is the new look and feel of our intuitive app. Both Android and iOS will benefit from a new user interface that looks slick and polished.

Chat Improvements
We’re also introducing group chat that will allow users to communicate quicker and easier than ever before. The chat features are very similar to those that users would have on their own personal devices.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Control
There will also be better ACD control which will allow supervisors to manage their call queues. Prioritise your team’s workloads with call picking and ensure that incoming callers have minimal wait times.

Enhanced Forwarding Rules
These aren’t just forwarding rules, these are enhanced forwarding rules. The new version of these includes forwarding rules based on the user’s presence state. These can be scheduled, they can integrate with your personal calendars and they can be automated.

Voicemail Control & Modification
In the new version of UCA, users now have more control over their voicemail options and modifications. This is now easily accessible via a single menu option through the app.

Desktop & Web Version: MyIstra

The desktop and web version via the myIstra platform will also benefit from a new look and feel, consistent with the UCA app. We can’t show you a preview of this yet as the design is still being finalised. What we can tell you though, is that it’ll get the new chat functionality too, plus the added bonus of the below features:

Call queueing

Users can now enable call queueing on their personal extensions to manage and prioritise their incoming calls.

Detailed ACD Statistics

We are introducing a new wallboard that will show supervisors and agents detailed call statistics like calls in queue, wait times and agent status.

ACD Call control

A more detailed view, that gives supervisors the ability to prioritise their incoming calls. It also allows them to ‘pick’ calls from the queue in order of priority.

Group Management

Supervisors will now have the ability to open and close call groups to improve call control and wait times for incoming calls.

Call recording opt in/out

Allow users to choose as and when calls are recorded during personal use or in the instance of sensitive, confidential data.

Custom Preference Tabs

This will allow users to personalise their myIstra for their useage and needs. Preferences will be shown in a personal menu as a shortcut for users.

See how UCA Version 10 can work for you!

UCA Version 10 has a whole host of new features designed to support employees to work more effectively and productively. Fancy seeing how Version 10 could work for you in 2020? Sign up below for a free demo off one of our experts.



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