UCaaS Main Benefits to SMB’s

An organisations communications was once a combination of both phones and e- mails. However, as today’s technology has evolved so has business comms. This means these traditional communications no longer suit modern day business needs.  The increase of varied communicative sharing such as calls, video conferencing, instant messaging and group chats, demonstrates how communication has evolved. But with all these different types of communicating, organisations need to purchase these separate services from different providers.

This is where UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) steps in. UCaaS offers a communications platform which integrates all these different types of communications through a cloud-based model. So instead of having to purchase all these different services from different providers, you can have it all in one place, from one single supplier.

UCaas benefits: BY jamie lake

UCaaS is the provision and supply of communication services from a service provider i.e. Pure Cloud Solutions to a client i.e. you guys, on a consumption-based model. Here are just a few of the benefits you can get from UCaaS for your business…

Security and redundancy

As a service provider it is our responsibility to make sure the platform our clients are using is completely redundant i.e. it has complete failover in the case of an outage. And we must adhere to strict guidelines in terms of security. So, the data centres we use, and we host our services in, adhere to ISO270001 and other security protocols.

Cost control

UCaaS is a fixed fee license model, meaning as a client, you will know what you are paying each month. You generally get inclusive calls included in the license fee and because you are working with a service provider like ourselves, generally the IT cost incurred buy the business are reduced.

Flexibility and scalability

UCaaS allows us to incorporate mobile and remote workers by the use of desktop or mobile apps. This means it is easy to increase users as and when you on-board new staff. You just phone your service provider they make all the changes, create the users and send you hardware or create the soft phones that you need.

Improved feature set and streamlined user experience

As a UCAAS user you will benefit from a host of better features such as instant messaging and video conferencing. This is on top of the usual things you would expect from a telephony solution. This gives you a streamlined user experience which means all users are the same. We can provide users with the same licenses or different licenses, based on use cases. But that is ultimately designed by you the client.


Our Unified Communications app is a business communication concept that brings together various methods of communication, all intergrated into one platform. Why dont you book a free demo today, so that you can see the benefits….



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