Why Sophos is Perfect When WFH

As most of the country continues to work from home theres never been a more important time to ensure the safety of all user’s devices in the business.

Times like these are when people are most vulnerable. And cyber criminals will do whatever they can to exploit this. Imagine if one of your employees were to unintentionally visit a malicious website. Without an appropriate security solution in place their device could be encrypted and important data stolen.

Investing in advanced security is vital in protecting your remote workers. Devices need to be constantly scanned for any possible attacks or viruses. Here are just a few solutions from Sophos that can protect your employees.


Whether employees use personal devices or not Sophos Endpoint Protection is designed to protect users when working in the office or at home.

Whilst working at home there is a higher chance employees may use their device to visit non work related websites or plug in personal devices such as USB sticks into work devices.

Sophos Endpoint Protection has Web control capabilities that work to stop and block any suspicious or inappropriate websites and downloads from going ahead. And the Peripheral Control means that anything employees plug into their devices you can have complete control over.


Any employees currently not on the network would have to download the installer themselves. This can be sent over to them via email. To do this all emails need to be imported into Sophos Central. And sent out by clicking ‘Send Installers to Users’

Once the email has been sent any of your remote workers will receive instructions on how to download the installer themselves on to their device. Meaning no need for any close contact and a visit from a IT admin to get it set up.


Sophos phish threat allows you to send out spoof email campaigns to all your employees to teach them to learn how to spot phishing attacks including fake emails, malicious links or any suspicious attachments.

Phishing attacks are one of the most common attacks hackers use which is why having a specific software to avoid them is so important for your security. As we are at home, we do not have people to turn to and ask advice on what to do if we receive any suspicious content like we would in the office.

This is a great solution for those with remote workers as it is getting employees into a habit of questioning suspicious activity without the need of help. Hackers are becoming more skilled at the social engineering that goes into phishing attacks particularly through email. Sophos Phish threat is created to stop them from ever becoming a problem for you.


Sophos XG firewall means employees can have access to applications, emails, and resources just as they would if they were still in the office. You can be assured that all devices are kept safe with features such as URL filtering, VPN, anti – malware, IPS and much more.

With XG firewall you own a continuous Base license that includes both IPsec and SSL VPN connectivity. Meaning you can provide your remote workers with access to the corporate network.

This can all be done through Sophos Connect Client. All you must do is click connect on your network or office to establish an encrypted VPN tunnel that assures for a secure transmission of traffic between your remote workers devices and the firewall.

If your XG firewall has a TotalProtect Plus or FullGuard Plus license, then you can be assured that all traffic between the firewall and remote devices is being constantly scanned for ransomware, viruses, intrusions, and other threats. No matter how long your employees are working at home for, you can be assured they remain protected with your XG firewall.


All of these solutions require no hardware and can easily be deployed and set up in minutes. We understand this is a worrying time and ultimately, we want to make sure that you are well supported so you can continue to operate as you normally would.

Get in touch to see if we can help. If we can – we will. Call us on 0333 150 6780, email us on or fill out the contact form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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