With over 90% coverage throughout the UK, ADSL is a low-cost entry-level method of extending remote working functionality & application access to SOHO (Small Office Home Office) locations.

A PSTN (BT or another line provider) line is needed to use ADSL. This is a copper cable installed by the line provider, and typically what you see in streets on telephone poles connecting to residential properties.

ADSL is a contended product. This means that although you have your own telephone and broadband connection, you are using a shared internet service provided by the internet service provider (ISP).  Generally, the contention ratio for ADSL products can vary between 20:1 and 50:1. On a 20:1 contention ratio, this means 20 customers are using the same internet connection from the ISP.

Although ADSL is a cost effective, entry level solution, it does have its flaws and during peak times, users may experience decreased speed and bandwidth because of the shared connection and businesses will not benefit from any SLA’s.

Features & Benefits:

  • Basic internet access
  • Minimal installation costs & maintenance
  • No extra wiring
  • Always on connection
  • Available in most locations

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ADSL is readily available throughout the UK and is a low-cost, entry-level broadband ideal for businesses with low internet usage. Get in touch with a PCS representative who can advise if ADSL will meet your business requirements.

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