SIP (Session initiation Protocol) is an internet-based version of out dated ISDN technology. SIP Trunks are cheaper and far more scalable than their older ISDN counterparts and are great for businesses like airports or hotels that have a lot of extensions that may sit redundant most of the time.

It is possible to use our SIP Trunks on your existing telephone system, providing that the system is compatible. We can also deliver our SIP Trunks to older telephone systems by converting SIP back into ISDN.

Essentially, SIP is a halfway-house between ISDN and hosted telephony and is generally an option for businesses that either want a slower transition from ISDN or where a hosted solution is not cost effective. It’s worth remembering though that SIP isn’t as flexible as hosted telephony and still has its limitations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Scalable
  • Web based management
  • Real-time and historical stats & reporting
  • Improved disaster recovery


Because SIP uses the internet there are no restrictions on the number of lines you can have.

Business Continuity

Because your numbers are in the cloud, you are in control. Implement diverts on single numbers instantly in the case of disaster.

Auto Failover

As voice runs over your internet connection, it will automatically failover to any backup connection you have in place.

Cost Saving

SIP trunks are a fraction of the cost of ISDN lines so you can reduce your monthly bills and recognise savings as soon as you upgrade.

Reliable & Secure

Our SIP trunks are completely resilient across not one, but two separate geographically located data centres meaning there is no single point of failure giving us 99.999% uptime. We also use industry leading technology and integrate into leading cyber security platforms such as ITSPA making our platform as secure as possible.

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