Document Management

Document Management

Document Management Systems (DMS) is a software-based solution that is used to reduce the amount of paper and time spent on manual processes within your business by automating workflows and allowing users to track, manage and store documents digitally.


Docuware is a document management system that allows you to organise digital and paper files in a central digital repository. The software is available as both an on premise and cloud solution with feature and design parity. It can easily be made unique to your business’ processes and fit your IT demands.

All documents in your organisation can be digitised and stored securely under one system so that information can easily flow between your decision makers at anytime from anywhere, on any device. Giving you seamless productivity. 

Document Navigator

Document navigator means all procedures that are document based in your office can be done for you. Meaning all critical daily tasks to your business can be put first without any need for time wasting on administrative processes, saving your business time, effort and money.

Document navigator enables you to easily store and manage your documents. Its OCR capabilities mean all documents can be scanned and turned into textual content that is editable and searchable.


  • Document capture
  • Document processing
  • Document distribution
  • FTP server and database


  • Secure capturing
  • Optical mark-up recognition
  • Image improvement
  • Reliable OCR text recognition

DokoniFind allows you to manage all outgoing documents across all of your devices. All documents can be easily accessed from one search tool whenever and wherever you need it, saving you loads of time and removing any need for an office full of unorganised documents.

By simply searching any keyword in the search bar your documents are located and retrieved instantly. This simple search solution uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to look deep inside each file and indexing its content in document archives so that it can be searched at a later date.


  • Document management
  • Content conversion/ virtualisation, universal data access
  • Content management
  • Enterprise search
  • Integrated security
  • Simple scale up options.


Adapting to change is a challenge for IT staff responsible for maintaining print services.

Whether the change is due to more employees at an existing location or new locations in different cities or countries, the print infrastructure needs to be easily scalable and flexible.


  • Scalable architecture
  • Flexible infrastructure requirements
  • Easily added features and services
  • Complete oversight into the entire print services environment
  • Friendly Software as a Service pricing
  • World class support and service


Small businesses need to leverage technology for growth and be as productive as possible. However, keeping an eye on costs while having the flexibility to add new capabilities is critical.


  • Print services deployed in the cloud
  • The most advanced document capture solution to keep employees productive
  • Modular software suites that are tightly integrated
  • Friendly Software as a Service pricing

Features & Benefits:

  • Intelligent Indexing
  • Mobile Upload
  • Data Enrichment
  • Barcode Recognition
  • File Import
  • SAP Records
  • Import from Outlook
  • Collaborate with Sharepoint
  • Import from Print Stream
  • Full Text Indexing
  • Windows Folder Import
  • Integrate With DATEV
  • Import from Any Email Account
  • Reduced Burden of Paper
  • Increased Compliance & Security
  • Easy Integration Between Systems
  • Capture & Organise Information
  • Process Documents & Manage Workflows
  • Access & View Content for Decision Making

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