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Unified Communications Anywhere (UCA)

UCA is a unified communications platform that brings together various collaboration tools including voice, instant messaging, video conferencing and mobile into one robust platform.

Developed in partnership with Centile, UCA delivers a flexible approach to business communications allowing users to work from anywhere, at any time, from any device enabling them to break free from the constraints traditional desk based telephony impose.

Reliable & Secure
UCA offers complete redundancy across not one, but two separate geographically located data centres meaning there is no single point of failure giving us 99.999% uptime. We also use industry leading technology and integrate into leading cyber security platforms such as ITSPA making our platform as secure as possible.

One Solution
UCA has the ability to combine both your business mobiles and your traditional office telephony. This not only increases productivity and efficiency by making sure you never miss a call; it also streamlines your business expenditure by merging two services into one solution.

Less Infrastructure
UCA is a true cloud-based platform which means all the brains of the solution are stored in multiple datacentres and are accessed via the internet. This means there is less equipment to buy and no ongoing PBX maintenance costs for you to worry about. UCA can also work with existing fixed or mobile infrastructure giving you the ability to repurpose existing hardware. As UCA is software based you benefit from updates for the life of your contract, meaning – no more expensive PBX upgrades!

Bespoke Solution
Because UCA is not a “off the shelf” product it has the flexibility to be adapted to individual business needs, whether you need to integrate to other systems such as your CRM or you need to tag your workforce with specific skill sets so they receive calls relevant to their abilities – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and can tailor our solution to fit your needs.

Cloud Managed
Gone are the days of waiting for an engineer to attend site to amend a call group or change a message. Because UCA is cloud managed you can manage the day to day requirements of your telephony solution yourself through our intuitive web-based management portal. Not confident doing it yourself? Don’t worry one of our engineers can log in and make the changes quickly and remotely.


  • Reduced costs
  • Any number, any device, anywhere, any time
  • Complete mobile integration
  • Unified voicemail
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased visibility of colleagues and data
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Web based management
  • Real-time and historical stats & reporting
  • Improve customer satisfaction


With the ability to integrate with your calendar and change your presence based on your activities, your colleagues have instant visibility of your status. Whether you’re travelling or on lunch, in a customer meeting or off sick, you are in full control and can set call forwarding rules based on your presence state.

Instant Messaging

UCA offers global communication between individuals and teams via its secure instant messaging feature.  Need to jump onto a video call? No problem. Easily start a video conference from your chat portal.

Video Conferencing

Tired of commuting for hours to sit meetings? Want to increase productivity and efficiency by collaborating in real time? UCA is fully integrated with Zoom, allowing you to start meetings and invite participants easily, without leaving the app. Share and amend documents in real time and record video conferences for reference or to share with participants.

Dynamic Caller ID

Because UCA works with your mobile as well as your fixed telephony you have the ability to choose what CLI you wish to present at any time, whether that’s your DDI, the main office number or your mobile number – it’s your call!

Wallboard & Reporting

UCA gives you the ability to really understand your call data. By using our real-time wallboard, you are able to see all your important stats in one window, from number of callers in the queue and average wait time to calls answered within SLA and maximum wait time experienced. If you want to delve a little deeper our customisable reports turn your call data into usable graphs for in depth analysis.

Business Continuity

As UCA integrates fully with mobile devices you are no longer bound to your desk or even your office. Because of this integration, your mobile devices act as though they are part of your telephony solution giving you peace of mind if disaster strikes! Mobile users can be easily added to call groups, so your clients can still call the office number and speak to your staff as if they were in the office – maintaining business continuity and allowing remote working, without compromising service.

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