Sophos Phish-Threat

Sophos Phish-Threat

In the last few years 80% of cyber-attacks were the result of phishing attacks, with criminals targeting individuals in SME’s and making their attacks appear more authentic in their content & distribution. That’s because your staff are an easy target, often unaware of the techniques cyber-criminals use.

Enter Sophos Phish Threat……

Sophos Phish Threat emulates a range of common phishing attacks to help you identify areas of weakness in your staff’s cyber-security knowledge and empower users through engaging training that strengthens your phishing defences.

Using a constant stream of threat intelligence, Sophos Phish Threat ensures staff training covers current phishing tactics, with relevant phishing simulation templates, covering various scenarios.

It is available in 10 languages, it offers 60 interactive training modules that educates staff on specific threats like suspicious emails, credential harvesting, password strength, and regulatory compliance.

It’s web-based so can be accessed at any-time and is easy to use, allowing you to simulate over 500 realistic and challenging phishing attacks in a just few clicks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cloud-based central Dashboard
  • Comprehensive & automated reporting
  • Real-world simulations
  • Engaging & interactive
  • Easy to use
  • Single licence
  • Unlimited tests per user
  • Over 500 email templates
  • 60 training modules
  • Minimal effort for set-up

Can pure cloud help?

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Sophos Phish Threat allows you to focus on protecting your users and keeping your business safe from today’s advanced phishing attacks. Get in touch to discuss how it could work for you or try it for free for 30 days.

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