Technical Support


These guys are the ones that make it right when things go wrong. Our professional and friendly team keep everything up to date and are the feet on the ground, making sure our clients stay operational and most importantly, happy.

Mike Leach

Position – IT Team Leader
Since – January 2020
Synopsis – My responsibilities at PCS include managing the IT tickets and making sure they are dealt with promptly and efficiently. I deal with 3rd line support issues, and I also manage server projects for the IT division.
Strengths – Fixing things, organising things & accents from around the world!
Weaknesses – Aston Villa, Cheese and laughing at the most inappropriate moments!

George Ward

Position: IT Projects & Services Engineer
Since: February 2017
Synopsis: We call him “the sponge” as he soaks up information. What George does not know he can find out. Has difficulty opening his wallet or going to the bar.
Strengths: Great music taste, can consume 14 cans of monster a day, always willing to help anybody
Weakness: Never says no to anybody, can never find his wallet & sausage rolls

Simon Pinnick

Position – Service Engineer
Since – February 2019
Synopsis – Simon has worked on the Support Desk and in the computer industry for 20 years. his hobbies are Astronomy, History, walking, cycling and using raspberry pi to control telescopes and cameras.
Strength’s – Good sense of humour & an amazing laugh
Weaknesses – Worries too much, prunes and knowledge of Football

Mike Perrin

Position – IT Engineer
Since – December 2018
Synopsis – Mike loves a challenge and will rarely let one beat him. He enjoys taking apart old laptops and removing any data drives so that they can be donated to charity! He has great rapport with the customers, cannot function without a cup of tea & has tried giving up smoking about 50 times!
Strengths – Can tell you a story about absolutely anything, DJ’ing & talking.
Weaknesses – Sometimes speaks his own language (including sign language), chicken and stuffing sandwiches, terrified of xylophones

Dan Lake

Position – VoIP Engineer
Synopsis: Daniel started at PCS with zero knowledge of Voip or networking, since his time at PCS he has gained the necessary skills and knowledge to progress himself tenfold and continues to do so every day. In his spare time he likes to socialise with friends either out or on video games, goes to the gym and trains MMA and loves a lovely craft beer/ale!
Strengths: 6ft 6… Banter, quick learner, amazing cook
Weaknesses: Small doorways, cake and skittles

Tom Shuff

Position – First Line Support
Since – June 2018
Synopsis – My main responsibility is first line support for match days at Birmingham City FC, which brings with it quite a bit of responsibility but also some pretty obvious benefits, for a Blues fan. I’m full of ideas… I can’t stop talking! Enjoys making YouTube video’s and drinks enough coke to sink a battleship.
Strengths – Can open any lock, can eat absolutely anything & turns into a pirate on Fridays
Weakness – Energy drinks, beer & at work for 5am

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