Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a popular and affordable way for businesses to get a dedicated internet connection. These business grade services are delivered via multiple twisted copper pairs to deliver uncontended speeds from 5Mbps through to 20Mbps.

EFM is delivered to the customer premises over 2 (dual) or 4 (quad) twisted pair cables, depending on the bandwidth requirements. Installations can be straight forward and as easy as installing standard copper based connectivity into the premises.

It’s often quicker to install than most fibre leased lines, is available to around 80% of businesses and it’s more affordable for those who want to operate without worrying about contention and speed on the network dropping.

Just like a leased line, an EFM connection is uncontended, guaranteeing speeds to your business.  Plus, if one copper wire pair fails, the connection will continue to operate over the remaining pairs (albeit at a reduced speed) offering a small for of resiliency. EFM is also covered by business grade SLA’s guaranteeing fault resolution times for peace of mind.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dedicated & reliable connection
  • Fast speeds of up to 20Mbps
  • Uncontended bandwidth
  • Quicker install than leased lines
  • Business grade SLA’s

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EFM offers benefits at a reasonable cost to SME’s and is worth considering if you’re looking to replace slower copper based connectivity and FTTP isn’t available, or you don’t have the budget to make the leap to a leased line. For advice on EFM or for more information on business broadband, speak to our PCS experts.

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