FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is internet connectivity that uses a mix of traditional copper wire and fibre optic cable. The fibre optic cable runs from an exchange to roadside cabinets that you probably pass every day. Once the fibre cable reaches the cabinet, it meets the copper wire that connects to your business.

The reason so many businesses opt for FTTC is purely economic. This type of internet connection offers a way to get quicker internet into your premises at a relatively low cost. Plus, it’s widely available, with 90% of businesses able to get this type of connection.

Because of the faster speeds FTTC gives small businesses, they are able to explore new opportunities for remote working, VPN, VoIP and other services requiring better connectivity speeds, without the high costs typically associated with leased lines.

However, FTTC is still a contended product like ADSL and doesn’t benefit from any SLA’s, but given the increased bandwidth availability, the effect of peak times can be less noticeable.

Features & Benefits:

  • UK-Wide coverage
  • Faster speeds of up to 80Mbps download & 20Mbps upload
  • No New Wiring Required, uses existing PSTN lines
  • Low monthly rental fees
  • Low/no maintenance costs
  • No additional costs based on usage

Can pure cloud help?

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FTTC is a technology that is readily available and is ideal for businesses with low to medium internet usage. Speak to our experts who can help you decide if FTTC is the right fit for your business.

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