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Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a DNS layer security solution that provides edge protection to your business and is the first line of defence against threats on the internet, wherever your users go. Umbrella manages over 1 billion requests per day, scanning and blocking potential threats in real-time before they reach your network.

Cisco Umbrella also provides traffic visibility across all devices and over all ports, even when users are off your corporate network. Additionally, the system learns from the internet activity of your users to identify new potential threats.

Deploying Umbrella is the fastest and easiest way to increase your network security. Not only does it increase visibility it also detects compromised systems and protects users on or off the network by stopping threats before they reach your network or endpoints.

Umbrellas unique view of the internet gives deeper visibility into dangerous domains, IP addresses and URLs. By using Umbrella Investigate you will be able to obtain real-time context on malware, phishing, botnets, trojans and other threats which will enable faster investigation and response in the event of an incident.

Umbrella’s firewall gives full visibility and control of internet traffic across all your users whatever their location. Furthermore, all activity is logged, and any unwanted traffic is blocked using IP, port and protocol rules.

Cisco Umbrella offers the ability to detect and report on cloud-based apps that are in use across your business. Once detected you can understand the level of risk a particular app brings and decide whether to block or limit usage to better control your cloud estate and manage risk.

Umbrella’s secure web gateway logs and inspects all web traffic increasing visibility and protection against threats such as Malware. All traffic can be forwarded to Cisco’s cloud-based proxy servers that enforce acceptable use policies and block advanced threats.

Features & Benefits:

  • DNS Layer sucurity
  • Interactive threat intelligence
  • Impressive firewall
  • Cloud app monitoring
  • Secure web gateway
  • Unmatched Intelligence
  • Increased network security
  • Proactive protection
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Cloud-based deployment and management
  • Easy integration
  • Increased visibility

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