Unified Communication Anywhere (UCA) brings together cloud telephony and mobile in a true Fixed to Mobile Convergence (FMC) enterprise grade business solution. Gone are the days when your telephone system, be site based or cloud based, and your mobile phone work independently. Time to say goodbye to outdated technologies like twinning.

With our UCA solution we deliver a true unified communications user experience directly via our SIM based technology. This utilises the strongest cellular network in the UK today – EE. We can deliver bespoke inbound and outbound routing of both landline (01, 02, 03 & 08) and mobile numbers to any device. So whether you’re using android, iOS, PC, PSTN or 192 different SIP handsets, we can help!

Because we’ve partnered with Transatel and Centile, we can also deliver mobile call recording without the requirement of an app via our SIM, along with a whole range of other services.  All of this is designed to give you ease of use, mobility and collaboration within your business.

Key Features for Fixed and Mobile Operator

Mobile VOIP

UCA has partnered with industry-leading soft-phone companies to enable mobile users to make and receive free or inexpensive phone calls over IP. You can do this using Wi-Fi or 3G connection.  Our UCA platform fully supports Mobile SIP phone soft client applications such as Media 5-fone, Bria from Counterpath and Acrobits.

Any Number

When using a fixed and a GSM phone in the office, all incoming calls are routed both to the PSTN number and the mobile GSM phone. Both devices will ring simultaneously and the call will be connected to the phone that is the first to answer.  Even if the mobile phone is out of coverage or simply switched off, and a forwarding rule has been set up, the call will be redirected to your UCA mailbox.  This allows the end-user to have all voicemail messages in the same place. An email notification, with audio file attached, will also be sent.

Mobile Extension

The mobile extension, also known as “multi terminal” feature, enables you to assign one extension to several devices. It allows end-users to be reachable from several terminals (IP or non-IP devices), such as their desk phone, softphone and gsm phone. When someone calls the end-user extension, both the main terminal and the other linked device/s will ring simultaneously.

This enables the end-user to take the call from any of the devices. Once a call is picked up from one phone, the other is still available to receive and place calls. If the end-user does not answer the call, it will be directed to the extension forwarding rules that you decide.

Unique Voicemail

The unique voicemail feature allows the end user to be available on several terminals (SNR) whilst maintaining a single mailbox. This would act like any regular IP Centrex user (avoid the redirection to mobile/fixed voicemail systems). When activated, the call won’t be transferred to the “remote terminal” if the voicemail service answers it.

Voice Call Continuity

The UCA Voice Call Continuity feature enables users to switch seamlessly, from one terminal to another while in a conversation. The user can start a conversation on an IP phone and continue the conversation via mobile, without interference.

Mobile Call Recording

All calls captured are encrypted with a 256bit encryption key that is unique per organisation. The encrypted media is sent for storage via secure, dedicated links to dual, geographically separated data centres. These are then replicated to multiple storage devices, ensuring complete data redundancy. Encryption keys are stored in separate data centres to the recordings. Separate encryption keys are allocated for each organisation or group.

To find out more about our Fixed to Mobile Convergence (FMC) capabilities, get in touch with our expert team who will provide a full scope conversation based on your needs.