What sets Pure Cloud apart? Our service standards

What sets pure cloud apart? our service standards.

At Pure Cloud, customer service drives everything that we do. It’s not about being “good enough”, but being the best. It’s the least our customers deserve, and that means continuous improvement.

Recently we’ve embraced technology to further our standards, and brought in a new tool to help gauge just how effective our customer service is.

How it works is fairly straightforward. Every time a ticket is raised, we invite customers to give feedback. We then pull this, alongside our call statistics, to get a dashboard that shows us exactly how we’re doing.

Why are we doing all this? Because it’s how we keep getting better. We can now gauge customer satisfaction in a much more methodical way, and use that to set standards and keep improving them. And by being open about all this, we can let our customers know just how much they mean!

Here are the five key stats.


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1.    Customer satisfaction rate: 98%

This one does what it says on the tin. We measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) with every ticket raised. This alone is pretty unusual. According to research, only 38% of managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide even measure this at all. We’d like to think it shows our commitment to getting things right.

Our score in the first month? 98%. It’s worth bearing in mind that this is on tickets raised – in other words, when customers have queries, or something might have gone wrong. You might expect that to drive the numbers down, but good service always counts.

As it happens, 98% is below our target, which is 100%. One of our core values is pride. Only the best will do, and that’s what our customers can expect.

2.    Average response time: 13 minutes

This refers to how long we take to get back to initial queries, including via email. Our target here is 15 minutes. A lot of MSPs couldn’t get close to that, but we’re beating it!

Why does this matter? We understand the importance of the technology we’re providing to businesses. IT and telecoms are the things that keep you going. If something goes wrong, you can’t afford to wait around to hear back.

What’s the secret to our success? We display live response stats on a wallboard in the office. That adds a little extra motivation to the team, as well as a healthy bit of competition!

3.    Average resolution time: 4.4 hours

This measures how long we take to fix an issue. Of course, this is critical. It’s one thing to respond quickly, but you don’t get high CSAT scores unless you’re fixing them fast. And that’s what we do.

We don’t have one target here, but four. That’s because tickets vary in complexity. Some are highly technical, as you’d expect. When you’re looking after complex technology in complex organisations, that’s the nature of things.

That’s why we’ve got four targets: 2, 8, 16 or 72 hours, depending on urgency and complexity. So, 4.4 overall is something to be proud of! It shows how hard we work to keep downtime to a minimum – and ultimately, that can only benefit your business.

4.    First contact resolution: 51%

First contact resolution (FCR) is the holy grail for customer service teams. It simply means resolving queries first time around, without the need for call-backs or follow-ups. FCR benefits customers in all sorts of ways. Firstly, it saves them the time and effort of calling back. This creates a knock-on benefit for other customers, because it frees up agents and allows them to get through faster!

Our figure of 51% is very strong when you consider the range of services we offer. We’re handling queries on phone systems, business mobiles, IT support, cybersecurity, network management and more. Our FCR number is testament to the knowledge of our team. But of course, we’ll keep striving to improve this!

5.    Average call answer time: 3 seconds

This one is pretty self-explanatory – it shows how long we take to answer calls. We’re always explaining the importance of this to our customers. When callers have to wait an age to get through, they get fed up – and rightly so. We’d like to think this stat shows we practise what we preach!

Trust us here: this stat is unusual among MSPs! We’ve all had experiences of waiting forever to get through to a contact centre. We are determined not to be one of those companies. What it shows is straightforward. If you’ve got a query with us, you’ll get through fast. And as the previous points demonstrate, you’ll get great service when we answer.

Pure Cloud Solutions: the MSP that puts customers first

One of our core values is passion. To us, that means the drive and will to go the extra mile for customers. That’s what’s behind all these numbers. Stats and targets can get a little dry, but what matters is what they’re measuring – and how they drive us to excel.

Frankly, most MSPs just don’t measure this at all. The fact that we do, and the way that we do, are a reflection of our passion for service. We’re aiming for partnerships, not transactions. To benefit from our approach, get in touch today.




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