How we create adaptable communications

How we create adaptable communications

The way you integrate technology alongside your business can have a real impact on your overall success. Productivity, customer service and staff cohesion can all be helped or hindered by the way you implement technology.

At Pure Cloud one of our greatest strengths is our adaptability. We’re a technology provider, but that doesn’t mean we’ll sell you a product and leave you there. We’ll continually tailor the services that support you to your changing needs. To better explain this point, here are four ways that we can integrate new technology into your existing infrastructure in ways that will have an instant benefit for your team.


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How can you integrate MS Teams with your phone system?

Especially since the pandemic, MS Teams seems like an irreplaceable part of any business’s communications infrastructure. It acts as a central hub for your internal comms, and its easy-to-understand interface is a big plus too. Did you know that with a couple of small changes, Teams can also become a fantastic tool for customer-facing staff as well?

As well as chats and video collaboration, we can integrate Teams with your business phone system. This means that when you host or receive calls, you can do so through the Teams interface. It’s a faster and more streamlined way to communicate, and means you can use a device of your choice.

Integrating Teams with your phone system really does give you the best of both worlds. As well as the interface of Teams, you also unlock the audio quality and call-handling features of a business phone system. We’ve spoken to businesses who love the versatility of an app like Teams, but worry that it doesn’t meet their professional standards. Our integration lets you bridge this gap. It’s just another way we make technology simple.

How can you integrate your phone system with other communications services?

We know it’s not just Teams though. At Pure Cloud, we take an extra degree of care when it comes to ensuring that all your technology works in sync with each other.

If your team is looking for a way to collaborate on an even larger scale, then why not take a look at Cisco Webex? Cisco Webex allows you to host interactive webinars or training sessions for up to 100,000 participants. At Pure Cloud we’ll facilitate the deployment and ongoing management of this service for your business.

How can your business best take advantage of cloud computing?

Switching to the cloud doesn’t have to be a challenge for your business. The chances are you use many cloud services already. You just need to make the most of them, and that’s where some simple changes can help.

At Pure Cloud we can help you to make the most of services like Microsoft’s Office 365. If you’re reading about cloud computing you likely understand this service already. It brings the established Office suite of services to the cloud, making them accessible anywhere, on any device. But the real benefit is collaboration, and cloud storage.

Office can be a tricky service to implement throughout your whole business. Microsoft’s challenging licensing structure can make getting the right deal difficult, and doesn’t natively include a lot of the essential cybersecurity measures that your business will need. At Pure Cloud, we’re committed to tailoring our services to your needs. That’s exactly what we do with cloud services.

For many clients we can even entirely virtualise your IT environment, removing the need for physical servers completely for some of our SME customers.

How can the cloud improve business security?

Making the most of new hosted technology can make your day-to-day business operations simpler, improve collaboration and empower customer service. But did you know it can also keep your business safe?

At Pure Cloud we can help you embrace IP (internet protocol) CCTV. This is the next step for business security. Instead of being limited by cameras that can only be monitored on-site, IP cameras can be monitored from anywhere, on a device of your choice. If you have these services integrated with your access control, it means that you can also activate doors or alarms remotely. It goes a long way to provide some real peace of mind when you’re away from the office.

At Pure Cloud we can equip your business with the latest CCTV from top provider, Hikvision. Hikvision’s cameras allow you to take advantage of new services like deep learning. This means that cameras will trigger alarms more accurately, meaning you’re alerted quicker to any threats, and there’s less chance for false alarms.

The world of business technology is constantly changing. At Pure Cloud we care about helping our customers stay ahead of the curve. It’s not just about the state-of-the-art services that we provide, but how they can really benefit your business. To find out more, get in touch.








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