Our top 5 must-have comms features for customer service

Our top 5 must-have comms features for customer service

In customer service, communication is everything. Customers expect you to answer their queries and resolve any issues quickly. Of course, this relies on your team’s service skills. But you also need the technology to support this.

Using the right communications tools will help you make sure customers can reach you. In turn, this means better service, and happier customers.

We’ve put together a list of some of the comms tools that we’ve found to be the most effective for helping businesses to engage with their customers. At Pure Cloud our promise is to never sell something that our customers do not need. The services we’ve mentioned here have all provided real benefits to UK businesses.


Top 5 customer service features

Call analytics

Let’s start with the bigger picture. Are enough people getting through to you? How many calls do you miss? How long do people have to wait to get through? Answering these questions and addressing the issues can take your service to the next level. This is where call analytics comes in.

Call analytics will automatically assess all kinds of call-related KPIs, including call waiting times, missed calls and peak calling times. Not only can you schedule reports, but you can also view live wallboards with real-time information.

All of these functions can give you valuable insights that allow you to identify trends, spot inefficiencies and manage resources better. Ultimately, this increased efficiency will help you reduce waiting times and reach more people – which is great news for customers!

Call recording

Where analytics is mostly about quantity, call recording is about quality. Customer service teams will sometimes have to deal with difficult phone calls. When you’re handling complaints, call recording is invaluable because it allows you to resolve things quickly and transparently.

It’s also a useful tool for training and quality assurance. You can use great calls as examples for new starters. Regular call sampling is also important for keeping standards high.

Our call recording tool makes all this easier than ever. Calls are stored in the cloud, so you can listen from anywhere. You can search by a number of fields, including the caller, agent, date and time, so digging out a recording you need is a breeze. On top of that, there’s a random sampling option for quality assurance. This will allow you to keep standards as high as your customers deserve.

Marketing on hold

No one wants to wait in a queue. For customers, long hold times are dull at best, and distressing at worst. And what you really don’t want is for people to give up on you. Missed calls mean missed business. This is where on-hold messaging comes in.

What’s on-hold messaging? It’s pretty simple. It’s a service that allows you to customise the music and messaging that customers hear when they’re waiting to get through.

It’s a great way to keep callers engaged and updated. You can use it to deliver important messages: opening hours, updates, offers, and even messages that answer common questions  

This can shorten calls, by giving people important information before they get through. It can even be used for marketing purposes. We use professional voice actors with our service, so you’ll always give customers the best possible first impression. It’s another creative way that technology can help your business stand out.

Call routing – skills based / availability

Once your customers are on the line, ready to speak to a member of staff, the path from there can seem confusing without the right system in place. Stress can be caused if a customer has a specific problem, and their call is being passed around the office without resolution. Business telephone systems should efficiently direct the customer to a place where their questions will be answered.

Not only does call routing serve to get your customers questions answered quickly and efficiently. It also leaves a good lasting impression of your business, so the customer will be more likely to call you again if they need to. With services like these, your customers will be able to get through to the right people.

An even more professional and high-level of service feature that extends your call routing is an auto-attendant. A pre-programmed auto-attendant can guide your customer through the process. If your business has a multitude of different sectors or areas, this service will be a beneficial addition to your business telephone system.


User presence settings

This one’s more about fine tuning and marginal gains – but every detail helps. With a unified communications platform like our UCA app, or Microsoft Teams, you get all kinds of features. This includes voice calls, video calls and instant messaging on just one platform, on any device.

But the feature we’re looking at here is called presence. This allows all users to display whether they’re available or not. Presence allows you to instantly decide the most efficient way of getting in touch with someone. If they’re available, you might choose to call. If they’re temporarily unavailable, you might drop them a message.

It may sound small, but if you’re shaving 10-15 seconds off every internal call it adds up over time. And how does this help with customer service? For one, if you’re more efficient, you’re more available to customers. But also, you can keep them on hold for less time when you need to double-check things with colleagues. At Pure Cloud we believe technology should always have an aim to simplify business processes, user presence does exactly this.


Why choose Pure Cloud?

Customer service is everything in business. To deliver it, you need a communications partner who understands that. At Pure Cloud, we do. Your business is our passion and our telecoms experts go over and above, every time, when it comes to providing solutions for our customers.


We care, and will take the time to understand your business and your needs. From there, we’ll tailor what we offer, to make sure you and your customers feel the benefit. To take your service to the next level, get in touch today.







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