Sneak Peek At The Home Of PCS

You’ve seen plenty of our people, but what about where PCS calls home. From the bio – metric system, cameras and server room right down to the technology our staff use. Our offices are a working model of the solutions we offer. One of the things that is most important to us is to ensure our offices reflect a family environment.  One that is relaxed and comfortable for our staff.

A recent addition to our stylish boardroom is a vibrant infographic, offering an easy simplistic format of all our products and services for customers to experience. Birmingham City Football Club also continues to be a vocal point in the office. Showcased by the display of shirts around our fancy new staircase and pictures of past events and functions.

As we approach our third year at our PCS head office in Tamworth, we caught up with Co – owner Martin Lake to give you a quick tour of our office.



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