The Importance Of Cyber Security Training

Your organisations cyber security is only as strong as your weakest employee. Why? Because majority of data breaches are caused due to a mistake made by someone in the organisation.  Cyber awareness training is the process of educating your employees on recognising the threats that are created by cyber breaches and attacks.  And considering the cost of breaches can cause large financial losses to your organisation, getting affordable security awareness training for your employees, certainly doesn’t take much for serious returns. Here are a few reasons why security awareness training is so important:


Technological defences

Technological defences such as firewalls and security warnings are important aspects in preventing breaches. However, they require input from people. Therefore, if your organisation does not take on security awareness training so that employees are made aware of this, these defences aren’t being used to their full potential.

Preventing attacks and breaches

Breaches can lead to devastating consequences. Which is why it’s so important to ensure they are avoided at all costs. Your employees are the first line of defence. They need to be actively questioning everything, no matter how small or insignificant. Even opening of an email from a colleague can lead to potential breaches and attacks.  Furthermore, data breaches can cost UK organisations an average of £6.4 million. Although, this drops by around 50% when you invest in security awareness training.

social responsibility

Training doesn’t just benefit you. Cyber-attacks can spread fast and if your organisation experiences an attack, connected networks such as your suppliers and customers may be at risk. As a result, this risk can lead to damaging affects on your organisations relationships with connected networks. Something which organisations should avoid at all costs!


Traditional security awareness training rarely leads to any meaningful cyber risk reduction. Which is why we at Pure Cloud use CyBsafe.

CyBsafe is a cloud based cyber security software that removes reliance on tick-box security awareness training. The software focuses on the human aspect of cyber security. It measures what people know about security, individual security habits and people’s attitude towards security.

CyBsafe is the first software to use deep insight technology in reporting aspects of cyber Awareness, behaviour and Culture. Through an intelligent data-driven approach, it focuses on managing the human cyber risk. It is dedicated to countering the cyber threats that business’ continually face in today’s society.

We introduced Cybsafe to our partner Steps to Work. Hear how Cybsafe has led to a positive impact on the organisation’s employees and their knowledge of cyber security.

Get cybsafe!

Have you had your Cyber security awareness training? Or are you interested in how it all works? CyBsafe is ideal for any organisation that wants to positively influence the cyber awareness, behaviour and culture of their staff. Why not book a quick demonstration with them today!



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