3 Emerging Cyber Threats Of 2019

Technology has become an integral part of the workplace. Interaction between business and employees is more productive and efficient thanks to the use of technology. In fact, 98% of UK business both big and small operate online in some form. However, with this big reliance on technology also comes the risk of cyber threats which can lead to devastating effects on the business.

The cyber threat landscape is changing. Criminals are no longer using the ‘spray and pray’ method they are now focusing on individuals and individual companies. A lot of effort and resources is used to prospect victims. As well as obtaining as much information as possible to make their emails or attacks more valid. Hackers will rely on you to fail on the simple things that protect you from attacks.

A recent survey from 2018 showed that 43% of business and charities experienced an attack in the past year. And business’ that hold personal data and where staff use personal devices for work were found to be most vulnerable to attacks.

So, what possible threats may affect your business? Here is professional service director Steve Shields with three emerging cyber threats for 2019…



Crypto jacking 

“As in any business, anyone using a resource that you have invested such as electricity, gas and water. Your technology stack is also a resource. Therefore, you need to ensure is being used to its full potential. Cryptojacking is criminals hijacking a portion of your network to data mine cryptocurrency. This is a hidden cost because your business is not using  resources to their full potential. Just the same as if someone was to plug into your electricity supply and use a portion of that for their own business.”

The Internet of things (IOT)

“You need to ensure that your business has policies for devices being bought into the network that will provide a gateway to the internet. Because this will be used as a back door for criminals to get into your network.  For instance, fridges, air conditioning units and coffee machines that use internet need to be secure to block off that access point to your network.”

Mobile malware  

“As network’s become more secure and protective, criminals are often looking for other ways to get access to your network. Despite this risk, mobile phones are often forgotten about. People don’t update them because the cost is a lot more than it used to be and criminals will use this as a backdoor to get into your network to install software or steal data.”

Finally, just remember its not about stealing data or installing some malicious code such as ransomware. Above all, you have a valuable resource that you have invested in – your technology and internet connection. Similarly, people want a portion of that without you knowing about it. Staff training is an essential part of protecting your network. We use a term at Pure Cloud Solutions called the ‘human firewall’. You and your members of staff need to be the first line of defence. The best way to protect your self is to ensure you engage with someone who is on the leading edge of the cyber security landscape.

take the first step to cyber security

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