5 Reasons To Choose UCA For Your Business

The digital world we live in now means telecommunications technology is continually evolving and as businesses grow so is the way they communicate. Most businesses today need to be able to stay connected, whether that is with clients, customers or employees. The Unified Communications app (UCA) combines traditional office features with new collaboration methods. So, now you have all methods of communication needed for your business integrated into one place! This includes instant messaging, voice, video conferencing and SMS into one platform. Here is 5 reasons why you should choose UCA for your business…

1. Mobile call recording

The mobile call recording feature now means you can have instant access to all calls made both in and out of the office. This means the dispute of he said/she said is no longer an issue, as instead of relying on notes that may not exist you can access a history of all calls. And above all having easy access to all crucial conversations we feel is something which is priceless to an organisation and can give you a better peace of mind. And in fact, we are the only comms solution in the UK to offer mobile call recording!

2. Improved communications flow

Through our secure instant messaging, you can communicate to colleagues at ease across the globe. So, whether you are in the office, at home or in another country you can easily be contacted no matter what you are doing. As well as other features that mean you can instantly see the location of your colleagues whether using a PC, desk phone or mobile device, you can also set individual call forwarding based on presence state.

3. Increase productivity

The app comes with a full video conferencing and desktop-sharing capability built in. This means you can easily start meetings, invite participants as well as record conferences and share them with participants for reference. Any documents that need sharing or changed can be done within the conference as well as being shared easily. So forget sitting in traffic to meet people, do it remotely and save time!

4. Cost saving

Our UCA, FMC solution delivers a true unified Communications user experience directly via our SIM based technology. This means we can deliver bespoke inbound and outbound routing of both landline and mobile numbers to any device. Instead of businesses having a user license for the fixed telephony and paying a mobile contract for the mobile users, FMC brings both of these together. This consequently helps businesses to reduce costs so is very beneficial. 

5. Future proofing

Business demand grows every day, so you need to have a solution in place that can grow as you do. With UCA you can easily add and provision new devices without any hassle. As you will be moving your services predominantly to the cloud, you won’t need to worry about technology advancements out-dating your business. This is because software is continually updated so can be moved from device to device so even when you update your hardware everything that is in the app comes with you.


Like what you’ve read? Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to UC. We scope your needs, listen to what’s important to you & demo solutions so you can SEE them working.



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