What Is IT Infrastructure?

The quick implementation of today’s technology continues to create unique and critical challenges for modern day organisations. Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is something that some may say is the key to all the technology you use for your business.  Business’ in this digital world will not operate as effectively if all IT information isn’t organised and operationalised correctly. But what actually is it? And how does it work?

What is it?

In its simplest terms, IT infrastructure is the combination of all components that play a role in the overall IT and IT-enabled operations in an organisation. Everything that allows an organisation to deliver information technology services to employees, clients and customers.

How does it work?

An IT infrastructure is a combination of different components, all of which depend on each other to ensure that it works effectively. Key components include:


Hardware is any IT component you can touch. Without hardware, it’s impossible to have any IT services at all. Switches, data centres, servers, hubs, computers and more are vital for an organisation.


Software is just as important as hardware when it comes to an IT infrastructure. Examples of this include Customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs and productivity applications.


The dependence on internet connectivity in most organisations now means network connectivity is essential. This covers firewalls, security , network enablement and your internet connectivity.

Human interaction

This is the human element within a computer system. These are the people in an organisation who determine what hardware and software will work well for the company.

Why it is important to business?

The importance of a reliable IT infrastructure is crucial to any business. It’s a fundamental element for a company to operate. In fact 7 out of 10 organisations believe IT infrastructure enables competitive advantage and optimises business performance. But why?

In today’s world most organisations depend on a reliable network to ensure their business is running effectively. A temporary loss of connection can now lead to significant financial losses. The rapid increase of technology means that products and services are often delivered through online platforms. This could be on their website, social media or through any paid online advertising. Both current and potential customers want to be able to easily contact business’ and if this is made difficult due to an unreliable IT infrastructure, organisations face losing customers.

Employees in an organisation want to also be able to access information and complete tasks without the hassle of having issues with the network. A slow, unreliable network can lead to employees having difficuilties completing simple daily requirements that are needed from them in the office. 


Pure Cloud Solutions have 30 years experience in cabling and building solid infrastructures. If you want some advice or more information on infrastructures please get in touch, our experts are always happy to help!



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