5G Myth Busters – Your Questions Answered

We live in a fast-developing world where digital technology advances around us all the time. The latest in this technology is a fifth-generation telecommunications network called 5G that will be able to be fully utilised in the coming months!

5G technology will advance businesses by enabling them to access and use their services more efficiently.

We are becoming more dependent on a mobile way of life and previous connectivity standards like 3G and 4G have already enabled us to do more on our devices. And 5G will enable us to do even more.

But, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the new 5G network, so take a look at our Myth Busting guide to distinguish between fact or fiction!

5G Network

Uncover the truth with our Myth Busting guide to 5G!

“I’LL NEED TO PURCHASE A NEW PHONE to use 5g technology”


If you want to use the 5G network then you will have to purchase a compatible device. There are currently less than 50 devices that can support 5G in the UK, and this does not include any of the current or previous iPhone models.

Most of the latest mobile phones in the UK market can support very fast 4G speeds of 1600Mbits per second. Yet 5G offers speeds of 10 to 20 times faster than this and these devices simply are not designed to cope with this huge increase in speed.

5G ready phones have historically been a little pricey, but as more companies prepare for a widespread 5G rollout, the prices of these phones will become more affordable. Find a list of 5G compatible phones here.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum



Official health experts and scientists report that there is no correlation between 5G and health issues amongst humans. The wavelengths and frequencies used by 5G are a form of non-ionizing radiation. While this sounds alarming, non-ionizing radiation produces lower frequencies and bigger wavelengths than harmful ionizing radiation like the type emitted by xrays.

Studies have shown that this exposure does not have enough energy to penetrate human skin and cause direct damage to cells.

In fact, 5G emits the same amount of ionizing radiation as normal devices like PC’s, mobiles and microwave/satellite technology.

Network Connectivity



You won’t be disappointed with the speed enhancements of 5G networking! 5G utilises a new, innovative technology called a Millimeter Wave. This new approach guarantees quicker connections regardless of where you are!

The 5G network runs up to 20 times faster than 4G, with a maximum speed of 20GPS, as opposed to 1GPS, which is a significant increase. This enables users to download and browse almost instantaneously.

Plus, 5G technology offers the added bonus of allowing lots of people to use the network in close proximity without affecting speed or performance like 4G does. This is fundamental for businesses who rely on consistent networking to operate.



In the last few months, the most misleading statement regarding 5G is that it was the cause of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. This is simply not true!

The 5G network DOES NOT cause Coronavirus and leading health experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have found NO evidence to suggest this.

The 5G network is wireless technology which enhances the function of devices, to make them quicker, more convenient and more reliable for users. It is impossible for a virus to spread or be transmitted through a network.

Studies have also proven that countries without the 5G network available to them yet, have still had cases of Coronavirus.



The 5G network will drastically improve user’s data capacity and make devices more responsive. Our world is becoming more reliant on technology and digital devices, meaning we use an immense amount of data and therefore require quicker devices.

New 5G technology addresses this problem because it has a larger capacity for data transmission and offers lower latency by reducing load times to just one millisecond or less.

Combine this with enhanced network speeds and 5G promises to keep up with the demand and ensure reliability with improved network performance for consumers.


The launch of the 5G network will offer a substantial amount of opportunities to complement our more contemporary way of living. 5G and its benefits will advance connectivity within communities and businesses while supporting a more sophisticated use of technology. 

And this is just the start.

Over the next ten years as 5G technology develops and becomes more readily available to everyone, it’s set to become invaluable in our everyday lives.

Are you ready?


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