International Day Of Charity – It’s Good To Give

It’s Good To Give

Each year on the 5th of September the world recognises International Day of Charity.‎ This date was chosen and declared officially by the United Nations in 2012. It’s especially poigniant as it falls on the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa. The resolution is therefore a tribute to her work and dedication to charitable causes by being charitable yourself.

It is hoped that in recognising this day globally, we can enhance and increase social responsibility amongst us all. We should be encouraging charitable acts in our respective communities to raise public awareness of this event. After all, it’s good to give isn’t it?

The knowledge that you’re helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. Research has identified a link between making a donation to charity and increased activity in the area of the brain that registers pleasure. Proving that it really is far better to give than to receive.

It’s Our Responsibility

At Pure Cloud Solutions, we are heavily invested in giving back to the local community. Not because we have to, but because we want to. We have always thought of it as our corporate, social responsibility to help those that really need it. That’s why since 2014, we have supported Tamworth-based charity Help Us Help Others as our charity of choice. This means we can help to raise much-needed funds for local people from across Tamworth and beyond.

From start to finish, targets and fundraising goals have got more ambitious. But the goal of helping those less fortunate has always remained the same. We’ve helped fund play equipment for a special needs school, cancer-centres and individuals with priority needs that cannot receive help from local authorities. Through it all, we’ve been there every step of the way lending a helping hand. And so have our staff.

We make giving part of our company culture. In doing this, we have noticed a significant improvement in employee engagement and happiness. It has helped us to create strong traditions, which we feel promotes a sense of pride and ownership amongst our employees.

How It All Began

Our owners Darren and Martin Lake are big on charity. When looking for a charity of choice that PCS could get behind, they realised they wanted more control over where their fundraising went. They were frustrated that a lot of the money they raised went towards expensive charity overheads and marketing. Instead, they wanted to find a charity that would maximise the funds raised for those in need. Enter HUHO.

Forged in 2014, Help Us Help Other is a not for profit charity that raises funds for legitimate and worthwhile causes. They support those that require facilities, equipment, services or funding that is not normally provided by the authorities. In short, they help the real hero’s of this world. Those who have specific medical conditions, disabilities and people in social or financial crisis, that still manage to tackle daily life with a smile on their face. And the best bit? 100% of the funds raised by HUHO goes directly to the cause.

Darren and Martin were very explicit in their goal. Martin said, “We wanted to find a charity that directly impacted the people of the local community. HUHO fit the bill nicely. We didn’t want to just throw money at it though. We wanted to be involved, getting our staff volunteering and caring about the local community where they work.”

A Helping Hand

Since we started fundraising, Pure Cloud and it’s staff have helped HUHO to raise funds for people from all different walks of life. We’ve supported people with varying needs, tallying to a phenomenal total of nearly £30,000 in 5 years. We’ve helped to raise funds for a local nursery and got involved in a football tournament for local lad Harrison Jones, supported the completion of the Sharon Fox Cancer Centre. More recently, we helped HUHO with their most ambitious fundraiser of all, the annual Purslow Memorial Football Tournament.

This was a charity football tournament in memory of local Tamworth lady Anne-Marie Purslow. She who lost her battle to cancer in September 2018, not long after we helped HUHO raise £5,000 in funds to make the end of her life more comfortable. On the day, HUHO were trying to raise funds for a brave 5 year old named Sofia Gardella and a 35 year old mum of three, Claire Grady-Lennon. Both remarkable young ladies with very touching stories.

Our staff and their families were encouraged to get involved with all aspects of the charity, as they do each and every year. They supported by helping to run stalls, spreading the word with their networks and sourcing raffle prizes. Some helped by gaining new sponsors, drumming up donations and even just attending the event for support. It all makes a difference to those that benefit from the funds raised.

What’s Next?

When it comes to HUHO, we are always more than happy to do whatever we can to help them reach their fundraising targets. We have already committed time to supporting one big charity event a year. But after the Purslow Memorial Tournament, HUHO approached us with a fundraising idea for another worthwhile cause, the Lillian Goodfellow Group of Friends (LGGF).

LGGF are a group of four friends that came together after the passing of Lillian Goodfellow, their CEO’s mum. She battled cancer at the Marie Curie Hospital. Since 1999 ,they have raised £423,000 and are hoping to reach the £500,000 mark by the end of their 20th year. We found out about them through Julie Orme, our co-owner’s sister-in-law. She found the group a great comfort when diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. We are hoping to collectively raise at least £2,500 that will go someway in helping LGGF to reaching that whopping half a million target.

Giving All Year Round

As part of our commitment to provide HUHO with vital funds, we are also doing other things throughout the year to help. As well as participating in 1-2 fundraising activities per year, our staff have started their own charity tuck box. All proceeds go to HUHO. Plus whenever there are bake sales or awareness days throughout the year, we now collect for HUHO instead of other charities.

Some of our staff have even chosen to support HUHO as part of individual giving. Some have taken part in charity runs, bike-rides and climbs all in aid of HUHO. Darren, our CEO and Co-Owner said: “I think what the staff and their families and friends like the most about HUHO is that they know exactly where their money is going. Every single penny will go towards helping individual people or projects in the community – that’s why we picked them as our charity of choice.”

What can you do?

There are many reasons why your company should make charitable donations, and any reason that motivates you is a good one. Donating to charities can help change your business and work culture. It can also have a dramatic impact on others. So pick a cause that you believe in and make your community a better place to live. It’s good for business, but most importantly, it’s good full-stop.

Can You Help us help others?

As a charity, HUHO rely on generous donations from members of the public to support their mission of providing help and support to those in need. In supporting Help Us Help Others, you are providing a lifeline to those who are less fortunate due to disability, life debilitating conditions, injury or via social, economic and domestic crisis.

Why not join us in supporting a cause that really makes a difference?



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