The Best Thing About PCS

We believe Pure Cloud Solutions is a great place to work. Not only do we work hard, we play hard too. For us, it’s important to create a really friendly and open environment, one where our staff can flourish, feel at home and somewhere they want to come. Let’s face it, we spend a hell of a lot of time at work, so we need to make sure it’s enjoyable. At Pure Cloud, we think we do this and then some! But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our staff think is the best thing about PCS.

Jamie Lake - Commercial DIrector

“What I like it that I get to work with my family! one of the best things about PCS is that we’re a flexible company and we always know how to have a laugh.”

Cally Poole - Accounts Supervisor

“As an individual, I like to give back and that’s what Pure Cloud do all the time. With their charity Help Us Help Others, they’ve supported a lot of people and I think that’s fab. That’s the best thing about PCS!”

Sam Lake - Senior Network Engineer

“I’d say the best thing about PCS is, although we work hard, we know how to have a good laugh along the way – and that creates a really great atmosphere.”

Nick Matthews - Technical Director

“Personally, the best thing about PCS is the motivated and friendly workforce. We all work really well together and that’s definitely a plus!”

Pete Roden - Credit Controller

“I think the best thing about PCS is the colleagues. They’re brilliant! From the owners, the directors to us, the staff, we have a really good laugh. I love the staff.”

Sam Russell - IT Suport

“If you ask me, the best thing about PCS is the people. They’re really supportive and I know there’s always someone I can talk to about anything at all.”

Steve Shields - professional Services Director

“The tuck box … and the customers! No seriously, the best thing about PCS is that we have a really strong relationship with the customers”



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