3 Reasons To Choose PCS Mobiles

People are increasingly looking to find the right mobile solution for their business. It is all about being able to stay connected and here at Pure Cloud we can provide the solutions and services that achieve just that. Our mobile experts understand that clarity is important and so as one of our clients we will remain open, honest and offer impartial advice. 

3 reasons to choose pcs mobiles


Our mobiles offer a fully unified communications solution, this means things like voice calling, web and video conferencing can all be easily accessed from your mobile phone. And with the imminent launch of 5G, our clients and employees have the ability to work more remotely and efficiently. And most importantly at a far cheaper cost.

2. FMC offering

Our FMC offering allows customers and clients to have true integration and full collaboration with your landline telephony system and mobiles out in the field. This includes; call Line Identity for both fixed and mobile outgoing calls, convergent voicemail, mobile phone status and convergent calls history. And in addition to this we are the only company to offer mobile call recording without the need to purchase an additional app. 

3. flexibility

Employees who aren’t always in the office have the ability to switch between off premise telephony to on premise telephony. This can be done quickly and easily therefore never missing a call again. So if your someone who spends a lot of time out the office, you can access everything you would get on your office phone all through your mobile

want some mobile help?

If you are looking for a simple mobile solution that is quick easy and affordable why not book a free consultation at Pure Cloud today and we will be more than happy to help.



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