4 Ways Collaboration Can Help You Grow

Collaboration is the practice of individuals in an organisation working together to achieve a common business benefit. This is a powerful tool for those who own small or medium businesses. If you are a business who is always looking to expand/grow, collaboration enables you to form connections with others and potentially grow your business to new levels. It relies on being open to learning as well as sharing your knowledge with others. Here are four reasons why collaboration could help small and medium businesses grow….


A business is filled with individuals with different viewpoints and experiences. This means that you are continually surrounded by new learning opportunities. Working collaboratively means all employees can understand and utilise the different skills and resources each other have and learn something of value. All the different interactions with those who aren’t in your immediate circle will help employees gain a broader understanding of how each other work. This can subsequently open you up to new learning opportunities and reach into new markets in the business

drives growth….

The majority of successful business owners have a common interest of being open to meeting new people/connections and forming alliances. This is the key to creating growth in your business. By prioritising an effort to mingle with potential customers or colleagues you are expanding your network. And even if not everyone you reach results in a collaboration; every time you try you are still exploring a possibility to expand your network. The right partnerships give mutual benefits. It should drive innovation and growth to benefit the entire industry and most importantly; your customers.

enhances company culture…

Building a culture of collaboration means having a work environment that enables employees to communicate both freely, honestly and to form worthwhile connections with one another. The saying ‘two heads are better than one’ comes into play with group tasks. When we are confused or need help in a situation, we turn to trusted others to help solve the problem. Bringing together a group of individuals with different skills, looking to identify a common project goal means you will arrive at a solution in less time. Working together can increase enthusiasm in employees meaning tasks are more likely to be completed at higher quality and more efficiently.

saves money…

Collaboration in business means wider access to resources, ideas, skills and even budgets. The more departments and businesses who partner up, share development and marketing expenses, can result in you being able to double your budget while reducing costs. If everyone’s main goal is in invested in the success of the collaboration then you can be most certain you will be getting more for what you bargained for than if you were to only be using your own resources.


Our UCA app offers a combination of traditional office features all in one place. Instant messaging enables colleagues to communicate with one another easily no matter what they are doing or where they are. As well as this, there’s the ability to deliver full video conferencing and record conferences, meaning that whatever has been shared, can be easily accessed again without having to rely on memory.

This can provide small and medium businesses with massive benefits when it comes to collaboration. These collaboration tools are offering  choice on how we communicate and what tools will best suit the project and team in question. So, whatever your industry and whatever communication tool suits you most, the UCA app can help.


Collaborate with UCA!

UCA offers features that can benefit all your businesses communication needs.  Why don’t you book a free demo today with our UCA app and find out how you can get the most from your comms. 



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