5 tips for cost-efficient business communication

5 tips for cost-efficient business communication.

The outlay that businesses make on the services they use every day is under more and more scrutiny. We know budgets are getting tighter, and wanted to lend some of our expertise to help.

At Pure Cloud Solutions (PCS), part of what we do involves helping businesses find areas in their business technology where they can improve cost-efficiency. It’s part of how we maintain long-term customer relationships. In today’s blog we’re going to share some of our trade secrets, including some of the tips, tricks and unique services we use to keep customers, and their wallets, feeling happy.

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Internet Calls

As a communications provider, we consistently strive to find new services that help customers improve quality and flexibility, while keeping costs low. One of the most consistent ways to do this is by switching to VoIP calls. VoIP essentially means that you’ll host your business calls through the internet, rather than fixed phone lines.

VoIP massively reduces your business call charges, as calls are handled through your broadband. This is especially helpful when making long-distance or international calls. It also allows for greater flexibility. You can easily set up new phone extensions in the office and remotely. You only need an internet connection to make and receive calls with audio quality that is just as high as with fixed lines.

Choosing internet calls will also help you to get ahead of BT’s traditional phone line network switch off in 2025.


Call Analytics


Especially now that businesses are becoming more decentralised, it can be difficult to keep track of your communications. Whether you have multiple sites or remote staff, having a clear view of when calls have been made and who has handled them is always useful. It lets you make improvements to your customer service, reduces the threat of telecoms fraud and allows for greater efficiency.

This is where our call analytics platform shines. It provides you with all the data you need, presented in easily digestible wallboards and reports. Wallboards allow you to check important stats at a glance. From the number of callers in the queue, to average wait times and any calls that have been missed. The service can also send you regular reports about the status of your customer communications.

From here you can see where inefficiencies arise and quickly address them. Guaranteeing that each call is as quick as possible helps you to save money and keep your customers happy.


Smart Mobile Contracts


Business mobiles are becoming an essential part of many businesses’ communications infrastructure. Especially with the rise of remote working, staff rely on their mobiles more than ever. More communications services can now be accessed via mobile, so ensuring that your team can make the most of them is crucial. We know that finding the right tariff can be a challenge though.

For any of our customers that are looking for a new business mobile plan, we’ll start with a full audit of their current mobile spend. You might be using handsets or plans that you aren’t currently making the most of. Our bill analysis platform can work out where this overspend is coming from, and suggest ways to save up to 50% on your bill. To help design new, cost-effective tariffs, we’ve partnered with all 4 of the UK’s main providers. This means we can deliver a service that offers you the best signal and the best price in your area.


Alternatives to calls


Sometimes, spending all day on calls isn’t the most efficient way to work. We know it’s a necessity for some team members, but for others there are more efficient alternatives. Sometimes when time is of the essence, sending a quick message can be just as useful. We know that just sending texts or WhatsApp messages can feel unprofessional or impersonal though.

Our UCA communications platform has the solution. It includes an instant messaging service built in. This allows your staff to share quick messages with their colleagues and other contacts, using their business number on a device of their choice. If after a few messages you realise that the conversation needs more detail, you can use UCA to escalate the interaction up to a call or video conference. This helps to save time, while still keeping up your high customer service standards.


Keeping travel costs down


Since 2020, many businesses have realised that lots of roles that previously required a lot of travelling, can be done without leaving a desk. Sales is a great example of this. Instead of the wining and dining of prospects, a simple video call can do the trick. These remote sales strategies are becoming more popular, and at PCS we can help make them more successful.

Once again it’s down to the versatility of our UCA platform. As well as calls or messages, you can host high quality video conferences at the push of a button. UCA also integrates seamlessly with MS Teams and Zoom, allowing you to use the interface that your team are familiar with. This is ideal for hosting sales calls and customer facing tasks, as you can use screen sharing for demos, share files and invite colleagues if anyone needs a hand.

To find out more about any of the services mentioned here, or if you’d like to learn how we can support your business, call PCS at +44 (0)333 150 6780.



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