International Men’s Day – 2019

On November 19th 2019 it’s International Men’s Day and the theme is ‘Men leading by example’. This  is a day to celebrate the positive value men bring to both their families and communities. As well as raising awareness of male issues surrounding mental health.

To celebrate International Men’s day here at PCS we have asked a few of our staff to tell us who the biggest male hero is in their life…

There is two, my grandad and my grandma because they helped me out when I was in school. Without them I would not be who I am today.

Tom Shuff

My dad, he’s always looked after me, he’s always been there for me and i’ve always been able to rely on him whenever I need him.

George Ward

Lewis Hamilton because I’ve watched him since he was a kid, when he was racing radio control cars. I think he’s an amazing race driver.

Mike Perrin

It was my Dad, you don’t realise what an influence somebody has in your life, until they are no longer with you. He was a gentleman.

Pete Roden

Warren Buffet, I like him because even though he has millions of pounds and dollars, he’s very modest and he doesn’t like spending his money. As well as donating 98% of his wealth to charity, which I find a very noble cause.

Dominic Webb

My dad and that is because he is a massive part of the reason I am who I am today. He’s always tried extremely hard in everything and he’s the man of the house. Although another role model would be Bill Gates because he is stinking rich and by all me­ans a lovely bloke.

Sam Russell

My dad, after always wanting to be a firefighter he finally after 42 years chased his dream, worked hard, got hench and he’s finally  a firefighter. And he can go out wear that uniform and I think that is really inspiring to go out and chase what you want in life.

Charlotte Batey

My dad because no matter what happens he always has a smile on his face and hes ready just to crack on.

Abbie Harding

My dad because I wouldn’t be the man I am today without him.

Dan Lake

Neil Armstrong because he was the first man on the moon.

Simon Pinnick

John McGuiness, he is a TT motorbike racer and the things they do round that course is unbelievable.

Mark Shuff

My dad, he’s taught me some real values in life. That include managing my finances and that if you want something you need to work for it.

Nick Matthews

Ricky Ponting, for the way he batted in the ashes. His nerves must have been like steel and I spent all day watching him, hoping his  nerves would crack and he did not crack once.

Steve Shields

Andy, my husband. When you are a good man you create a good son. My husband is an amazing role model. He is hardworking, ambitious, and focused in life. Perfect.

Cally Poole

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