PCS & Network Innovations Merger

Pure Cloud Solutions (PCS) are delighted to announce the addition of Network Innovations to the wider PCS group by completing a strategic merger. They will now be renamed PCS IT Services to fall in line with the current PCS group structure. This is part of a wider PCS initiative to drive growth plans while offering a broader product portfolio and an even better customer experience to both client bases.

Over the last five years, PCS have invested in new services that have allowed us to evolve into an industry-leading managed service provider. This means we can now offer innovative communications technology alongside cyber security, managed print, disaster recovery and IT networks.

The Beginning Of A New Era

PCS and NI have been working together at Birmingham City Football Club for the last few years and could see there was an exciting synergy between the two companies. After some lengthy discussions, the directors of both companies felt there was an opportunity to work together as one.

The recent merger with Network Innovations means that the PCS group now have a highly skilled in-house team of helpdesk and service engineers that work together to deliver outstanding service to all customers.

It quickly became apparent that the potential fusion of the two businesses could have great opportunities for all involved. We had used one another on various projects for some years, so the merger seemed a bit of a no-brainer.

We already had the communications element of the business sorted and so the next step was to bring on an in-house IT support team. Network Innovations were the perfect fit!

Martin Lake
Owner/Director at Pure Cloud Solutions

Completing A Successful Transition

When considering the merger, both companies wanted to ensure the transition was as smooth as possible for both employees and clients.

We have taken a conservative approach, keeping staff and customers updated regularly, and in advance of any changes. PCS Professional Service Director Steve Shields was also appointed as an NI Director to oversee and enable the transitional period.

Mark Shuff, Director of Network Innovations said:

The merger has gone extremely well so far. The more corporate set-up of PCS has been applied to NI procedures to enable company growth and all employee skill are being maximised across PCS Group.

Employees from both companies have adjusted well, embracing their new colleagues and bonding over team building events. This has created a united and enthusiastic group of employees that are working well together.

Mark Shuff
Owner Network Innovations

Its exciting times at PCS.  Just after the merger with Network Innovations we finalised a further acquisition of a local IT business in March of this year and I am personally now looking forward to seeing where we can take the group over the next 10 years.”  “We now have an excellent team in place that will support business growth both organically and through further acquisition.

Darren Lake
CEO Pure Cloud Solutions

Looking To The Future Together

Whilst all employees collaborate and communicate effectively, the groups currently work in two different offices while we search for a suitable location to house all employees comfortably.

This move will allow us to work even closer as a group and drive employee satisfaction. It will also support our long-term growth plans which includes further expansion by acquisition.

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